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Stand design companies are facing tough competition to make unique exhibition stands of superior quality to reach the list of best stand designs. A wide range of exhibition stands is available these days for catering to all kinds of requirements of the exhibitors. It has become challenging to bring new ideas and create a unique booth specific to a client.


Architects and designers with sharp creative intellect are high in-demand these days. Custom exhibition stands come in a huge variety catering to the requirements of exhibitors well-crafted meticulously. It is one of a kind experience to observe how the stand design companies have evolved in terms of designs and services. Thanks to technological advancements there are further possible ways to enhance the already well-crafted design. Let us look at the 5 unbeatable ways to enhance your exhibition stand.


  • Beacons

The small wireless transmitters programmed to send radio signals are one of the finest ways to enhance your exhibition stand. Beacons can be of very high importance for the exhibitors. They can use it to promote offers, and discount coupons and help visitors to navigate to the exhibition stand. They are incorporated within the booth design at the time of fabrication and are used extensively by the exhibitors to promote their brand and make their presence felt. It is a very efficient marketing tool and a lot of exhibitors try to avail the benefits of technological advancements by using the latest technology tools.


Several other technologies including Projection, Virtual walls, Interactive floors, multi-sensory installations, and AV/VR are used to enhance the exhibition stands.


  • Lighting

Bright lighting arrangements and overhead hangings are also one of ways to enhance the look of the exhibition stand. A well-lit place is well-liked by visitors and would attract more traffic fundamentally. They can be seen from far and more visibility to your booth can certainly attract more customers. An interesting mix of lighting to catch attention is always a plus in your booth design.


  • Seating arrangement

Many exhibitors provide a seating arrangement in the exhibition booth for visitors to have a relaxed time. People tend to get tired walking along the long exhibition floor. A seating arrangement attracts many visitors who wish to spend some time relaxing and exploring the trade show. You can engage positively in showcasing your products and services with the visitors at your booth while they sit and relax.


  • Giveaways

Giveaways are a nice way to enhance your booth presence. Who doesn’t like being treated with small niceties when they are too tired after a long walk on the exhibition floor? Even a small handy water bottle can make people reach out to you. There are many ideas to gift giveaways and make your visitors feel special. You can choose small items like pens, card games, or eatables like a small nachos snack or muffin depending upon your budget.


  • Fun-games

Games are one of the most engaging ways to capture the attention of people. As much as it provides a feeling of refreshment in the busy schedule, it proves to be the best marketing tool for your brand. You can have some fun-creative games based on the theme of your product to further enhance the element. The success rate of having games at the booth and making people come searching for you is very high. From children to adults games are enjoyed by all categories making it a popular method to enhance the booth design.



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