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Technology is shaping the world. It is the main pillar to grab attention and engage visitors. Nowadays, exhibitors are looking for exhibition stands that are equipped with innovative technologies like AR and VR, etc.

When so many technologies are making their way into the exhibition industry, it could be difficult to choose the right technology for your stand. To help in making informed decisions, we have researched 6 technologies for you that can fit into most exhibition stand designs.

Virtual walls:

Adding up motion-sensing virtual walls in the booth wall will create interactive experiences. Use LED and projector screens, which will create a digital environment for your valuable visitors.

Adding up virtual walls offers several advantages:

  • Visitors can check the products at their interface. They can write messages, draw, or touch the products virtually.
  • Create virtual products like clothes (if your company sells clothes). This way, you can engage your visitors at your booth and allow them to see the product from every angle.

Adding virtual walls in the booth is an impressive way to attract lots of attendees in a fun way.

AR and VR:

Adding up Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in the booth creates endless options to grab the audience's attention and connect them with the brand. Activities you can do better with VR and AR are:


Transforming your brand information into an educational game is the best way to engage visitors with your brand.  

Attendees are more likely to remember the brand when they had some enjoyable interactions. Gamification in booths not only educates and entertains but also helps to get valuable leads and customer data.

Adding gamification in the booths could be a game-changer for any business as the active participation of users will allow them to pay their full attention to the brand, even after they leave the trade show booth.

Product Demonstrations:

Incorporating AR/ VR technologies in the booth can showcase products and services in a better way. With AR, visitors can interact with your virtual products and animations and gain a deeper understanding of your offerings.

With VR, you can create experiences for attendees with your brand in a virtual environment. This technology engages the interested visitors and educates them about the uniqueness of the products. AR and VR not only modernize the exhibition stand but also make product demonstrations more memorable and effective.


Projection mapping is already used by top industry giants and advertisers. This is an innovative technology that transforms your static products into dynamic 3D visual projections. This projection will showcase anything from simple objects to large military vessels virtually.

The benefits of project mapping are:

  • Collection of data for future marketing strategies
  • Boost social media visibility
  • Effectively tell the brand story

Interactive Flooring:

Have you ever noticed the floor you were walking? Adding this technology is the least thought-out, however, this is one thing that displays products underfoot.

The unique aspect is when visitors walk on your floor space, they feel physically and mentally connected with the brand. Ask your exhibition stand builder to add some cube-shaped LED lights and sensors that will change the color of the floor when visitors step on it.


Popularly known as smart watches, beacons could be your smart secret weapon. These are small wireless transmitters that send signals to smartphones, smart watches, or other Bluetooth devices of visitors within their proximity.

By sending relevant information about the products, promotional codes, discount coupons, and trending deals to attendees, you can allow attendees to connect seamlessly.

These devices also collect data on several passer-by visitors, helping to refine your marketing strategies. Each beacon device has a unique ID number so when the device sends signals to a smart device, it also sends information about the beacon belonging to a particular brand.

In essence, these devices will turn your stand into a digital hub that will provide valuable insights to the clients.

Digital displays:

Use a combination of transparent LCD screens and digital glass in one booth. Unlike traditional displays, digital booths can change color and sound from time to time giving it a fresh and dynamic look for the visitors.

Adding a digital glass will give multi-touch capability to the attendees. Users can touch the screens and check the features of products in a digital presentation.

Final words:

To bring attendees to the booth takes a lot of hard work. Engaging them could be difficult but with the right technologies, you can make your products enjoyable for the audience.


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