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Strategic exhibition planning starts with identifying organizational goals. You know your organization’s goals. That is a great place to start. If you want to enhance your brand visibility, your exhibition should be centred around your product. It is more likely you will increase leads and face-to-face connections rather than securing closed deals. The exhibition serves as the most effective way for business to accomplish your key goals.

Here, we take a closer look at the steps you need to go through to plan to drive more attendees.


1. Augmented Reality Marketing for Exhibition

Augmented reality (AR) help people interact with your brand and products through music, video or visual communication. It is an ideal way to bring your ideas and messages to life utilizing 2D and 3D content. You can use it as the wall of your stand or promotional items being given away. Creating three-dimensional virtual environments in your stand will allow visitors to explore and interact with your content using various controllers and headsets. Whatever technology you use, it must compliment your brand and product.


2. Theme Centric Exhibition Stands

Always try to create a theme centric exhibition stand, it helps you to communicate your target audience. Theme centric exhibition stand design not only adds a fun element but also helps to increase brand recall value amongst your attendees.


3. LED and Digital Lights – Illuminating Your Exhibition Stand

Usage of LED and digital lights deliver even more of that elusive “wow factor”, with virtually no size limits. Installation of fancy light in your stand not only enhances the appearance of your exhibition stand but also help you to get the desired attention. You can also make the stand fancier by adding banners or banner stands in your booth. With the right illuminating LED light, your stand design seems bigger and brighter.


4. Tailor-made Marketing Strategy

The key to any successful exhibition is a tailor-made marketing strategy. There are so many details to address, right from the design of your stand, to the exhibition stand services you require and the products or services you are going to showcase. For this, well-researched marketing plans and campaigns are mandatory.


5. Appropriate Staffing

As you know, booth personnel are the lifeblood of your exhibit strategy. They are your brand’s representatives; hence they must have extensive training on all aspects of your organization, products, goals, target audience and sales message. Only hire sales persons with good communication skills and a confident personality.


6. Informal Spaces to Retain the Attendees

Successful exhibiting is more than just looking good. It’s all about retaining visitors ahead of your competitors. You always want to hold the attention of the customer who visited your exhibition stand. The best way is to create informal spaces and lounge areas in your stand to entertain your clients and guests.

Don’t miss out on offering a charging station at your exhibition stand. Your customer will spend more than just a couple of minutes in your stall. During this time, you can introduce to them to your current promotions, service offerings and new products.


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