Double Decker Exhibition Stands

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We Design, Build And Manage Double Decker Exhibition Stands Across Europe For Both Local And International Clients.

Two-storey exhibition stands also known as Double Decker Exhibition Stands are the perfect solution for those who want to make a great impression on the visitors of the exhibition and attract the attention of a large number of visitors. Stands of this class are distinguished not only by their sizes, but also from the original architecture, shape, design, and floor. These stands allow maximum use of space and organize the functional areas of your stand. These exclusive Double Decker Exhibition Stands provides an additional opportunity to highlight your exhibition booth stand out from other competitors and get additional benefits for its brand promotion.

Triumfo International GmbH’s Double Decker Exhibition Stands are the most unique, impressive and innovative exhibition booth stands as they offer additional flexibility and cost effectiveness with high quality standards. Triumfo International GmbH, a well-known name among double decker exhibition stand designers and builders for over a couple of decade. Their mastery lies in designing, creating and then delivering a high standard of double decker exhibition stands with increasing number of clients around the globe.

With a team of highly talented designers, project managers and production specialists, we have the expertise in-house to design and create double decker exhibition stands for each client’s unique needs and the specific venue of the show. Our designers use innovative technology, cost-effective materials and very interactive features that make our trade show booths different from others.


Two Storey exhibition stands always attract more visitors as they have more attractive looking design in comparison to other stands and also offers additional benefits for exhibitor’s brand promotion.  

If you’re interested in enhancing your brand value in your next exhibit through our double decker exhibition booth stands, contact our team today.

At Triumfo International GmbH, we create and develop designs Which are newly created infused with innovative and interactive technology. As participants and exhibitors of various exhibitions are striving to stand out from their competitors through constructing exclusive exhibition stands, Two Storey stands always manage to attract numerous visitors with its attractive looking design.

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