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If you are looking for expert help for the perfect planning and execution of your next event, Triumfo International GmbH can help you. As your corporate event planner, Triumfo International GmbH will ensure everything goes absolutely smoothly and exceeds your expectations - right from the proper conception of the idea to perfect execution.

Our event services are highly professional and cover association, corporate as well as not for profit clients. We have a large qualified team of veterans with innovative and highly creative ideas to make every event worth it. As a leading event management company, Triumfo International GmbH offers:

  1. Project management
  2. Project administration
  3. Financial management of the event
  4. Program development
  5. Speaker management including contracting and fulfillment
  6. Sponsorship management
  7. Registration management
  8. Event communication, promotion, marketing and branding
  9. Print production
  10. AV coordination
  11. Operations management and logistics management
  12. Hotel/ facility management
  13. Post event support
What makes Triumfo International GmbH one of the most sought-after corporate event management companies across the globe is our commitment to perfection. Our event management team will not leave a single stone unturned in their effort to ensure your event becomes the talk of the town and remains on the minds of the attendees even after many years.

Our Commitment

At Triumfo International GmbH, we understand the significance of every corporate event and that is why we take ample time to first understand the organization and your business reasons for putting on the event. The goal is to ensure that our endeavors are in the right direction and provide you the much required ROI. While there are countless other event management companies that are willing to take up projects promptly, we do not accept all requests unless we are sure that we will be able to do full justice to the job. We take limited projects at a given time so that every project gets its due attention and is executed in a highly professional and competent manner.

Let Our Work Speak for Us

Yes, do call us right away to discuss about your next event. Entrust the task of event management with us and get ready to experience and behold a truly unforgettable event without having to work really hard for it.

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