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Triumfo International GmbH offers modular exhibition stands that can be arranged in various configurations you need and tailored to your specifications. From past 18 years and more, we have successfully organized uncountable trade shows and exhibitions across Europe. We are leading brand in designing, building and delivering modular exhibition display systems. 

Flexible and Reusable Modular Stand Designs

Triumfo International GmbH builds innovative modular exhibition stands that are different as they deliver additional flexibility and customization. Our modular exhibition systems designers and experts, design and build different modular exhibition stands that exhibitor can easily assemble and take down, making them convenient for any event. These are reusable modular booth displays, based on a modular system that is light, fast, cost-effective and flexible. 


Easy Assembly

Modular exhibition stands are very easy to assemble and they can be created fast as well. You don’t need any tools to put together Triumfo International GmbH’s modular exhibition stands – and taking them down is just as easy. Just hold a panel, stand it up and clip it to another to make the shape you want. We are here to help you if you are not prepared for your next exhibit at short notice. 

We at Triumfo International GmbH aim to create exhibitor’s modular exhibition stand to be as unique as possible. Our expert team works together to create a unique look for exhibitor’s modular stand and develops individual graphics for each panel which focuses on their branding and the image they wish to convey. Once the panels are ready, we deliver and manage them to the desired destination.

Our purpose is to enhance curiosity and conversation and convert exhibitor’s customers into brand advocates. We work with our clients to establish and maintain a brand personality for their exhibit and then develop ideas that encourage their active engagement, their products and brand.

If you want to learn more about what we can do, just have a look on some of our previous projects. For more information on modular exhibition stands, please contact the team at Triumfo International GmbH.

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