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Tips for organising a successful event

Organising an event is not a simple task, everything doesn’t run as per the plan and you have to face various challenges as the event progress. You have to energetically paddle the challenges to keep your event move smoothly.

Below are the few tips that you need to work on for a successful event. Hire the services of an exhibition stand contractor to organise it in a professional manner.

  • Define the purpose and format

Formulate your goal as what specifically you want to achieve from the event. Are you looking to convey knowledge to participants? Or expressing gratitude to your partners or looking to raise funds for a project? Also define its concept, timing and duration and role distribution within the team. Also, ensure not to get stuck into the traditional formats.

  • Attention to planning

Pay attention to detailing, the plan must incorporate the logistics, content and the promotion of the event. Create a detailed checklist where each member would be able to see their assigned task.

First, prepare a list of the main task and then flesh them out in detail as which task needs to be completed first. Designate time frame for each assigned task in the plan, so that the task gets completed as expected.

  • Draft your budget 

Look at the list of tasks in your checklist and reflect them in your budget. Keep some reserve money for the unforeseeable situations. You can use the budget template for creating the show budget.

  • Pay attention to service

Be friendly to participants, speakers and partners on the floor. When getting a chance try to address their problems or solve their query. Even if your plan didn’t work properly try to be courteous. At the end of the day, what visitor remember how they are treated on the exhibition floor.

  • Carry out a final check before the event

Do a final check well ahead of the show as everything is going as per the plan or not. Make sure you have invited all your guest and speakers, how to get to the location? Check whether everyone is aware of his or her responsibilities? Do prepare a checklist and tick mark if the job is performed.

In the same way, a similar checklist should be prepared for the opening day of the event, checking everything is in place, working properly and on time. Take a print out of the event programme and let each member and volunteer a copy.

  • Ask for feedback

An event is incomplete without feedback, so ask participants to complete a printed evaluation form at the end of the event or an online form when back at their place. Tell them to access the entire event and give their feedback as what they think about the event?

The feedback will help you to avoid mistakes in the future and improve on things which required improvement. Try to get feedback through social networks or you can record video reviews.

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