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Ever wondered what pulls attendees to exhibition stands? Why some booths are flooded by visitors while others wait for people to notice them let alone visit? Well, the answer lies right here. In this blog, I’ve gathered input from my event expert friends who have been designing highly professional and attention-getting stands for more than a decade. The tips are simple and absolutely workable. Try them this time and see how visitors to your stand multiply!


  • Spamming is something I would suggest better avoided. Do not overburden your visitors by pressurizing them that you are gonna be there. But at the same time, it is important to pay adequate attention to branding. Common sense works here. If you are planning to give away souvenirs to your visitors, make sure it reflects your business and reminds them of the same every time they see or use it.
  • Competition is fierce and only the best and smart ones have the greater opportunities ahead. Improve your competitiveness by providing your customers with add-on services along with the products that you intend to sell and promote. Social networking is another way to reach out to maximum targeted customers and be more competitive.
  • Knowledge is power. So share it! Modern internet marketers employ this amazing tactic. Just provide free knowledge in exchange for your business prospects’ contact details. Ebooks, reports, white papers, and informative videos can help you gain qualified leads for custom exhibition stands. This tactic works offline too!
  • Encourage your visitors to follow you online and like the product that they see at the exhibition. This way you can generate long-term value online.
  • It is a great idea to take pictures and just stream them online! This way you can make a lasting impression on a large audience that may follow you online.
  • Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook provide an excellent way to gain a competitive edge. Your target and business-specific hashtags on Twitter can be quite helpful in focusing only on relevant prospects. This is a cost-effective way to convey your message to your business prospects in minimal time.
  • Wifi for free! Yes, this can be a great motivator for your attendees. Provide free wifi connectivity at your booth to all the visitors and see how they flock to you. Consider trying the free wifi to your product branding. For example, you may give your visitors free accounts and offer branded splash screens to log in. This is an easier and more attractive way to generate leads.


Besides this, you may Tweet, offer customer services over social media, give plugs and work spaces and offer product samples (this really works). Your presence in the show should be felt and etched on the minds of your targeted customers. Hope these tips help.


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