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The need for interactivity is a necessary one when it comes to displaying exhibition stands. We currently live in an experience economy, so interactive displays are vital for engagement. Triumfo is an exhibition stand design company, and one of the biggest suppliers in India. Its aim is to enhance the client experience, through innovation.


Exhibition stand builders across the world are realizing the importance of client retention. That is where for a trade show builder, an interactive model comes in. Following are five types of technology to enhance exhibition stand interactivity with customers.

AR and VR

Virtual reality and augmented reality both offer countless opportunities for interacting with customers. You can construct a three-dimensional experience of a place or an event using AR/VR capable devices. For your visitors, AR and VR technology enables the highest level of interaction. For an exhibition stand design company, it is a boon for adding incentives to clients. It expands the exhibition with AI product demonstrations, gamification, and/or AR photo booths.


For example, Automobiles and bicycles are challenging products to display; businesses frequently need to reserve sizable locations. AR and VR are ideal tools for these products. It lets customers explore and engage with the brand’s goods via a mobile device like a tablet or augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Triggered Technologies

Triggered technologies can attract customers to your booth and generate buzz about your brand. Sensors built inside your stand are used by triggered technologies to initiate an action. A sensor is activated by movement, such as a customer passing through a specific spot on your display. And it can start a film, switch on a light show, play music, etc. This promotes engagement with your booth and encourages visitor interaction.


Many businesses and advertising currently employ projection mapping. Projection mapping, a type of augmented spatial reality, projects a 3D visual image onto a 3D surface. It is frequently used by an exhibition booth design company to produce optical illusions. It can make the visitor experience at a booth more immersive when paired with audio and visual feedback.


The best aspect is that projection mapping requires no investment on the side of the visitor, unlike VR or AR. Which are limited to mobile devices like smartphones and headsets. It becomes a particularly shared social experience among visitors as a result.

Virtual Walls and Floors

Your booth walls will become interactive thanks to motion-sensing virtual walls. You can provide your visitors and customers access to a digital canvas by using LED and projector screens. It allows users and customers to write notes, makes drawings, or play touch-screen games.


Installing proximity sensors and cube-shaped LED lights allows you to vary the floor’s color in response to foot traffic. You may astonish visitors to your exhibit by deploying responsive LED flooring in inventive ways. For the amusement of your visitors, you may even include your own twister game or a dancing contest.

Mobiles Apps

You may promote interaction and participation before, during, and after the event by creating your own customized mobile app. As well as timely event information and timetables for presentations and demos, you may offer visitors and customers pertinent information and messages about your products, services, and special specials. This enhances interaction with attendees and enhances the event experience.


It is quite apparent that a host of technologies are available, to take exhibition stands to the next level. Modular exhibition stand builders often try to create displays that bring customers into play. This setup offers many of the solutions recommended by exhibition stand contractors in Europe and offers practically infinite exposure opportunities. The top level can be utilized as a private space for elite clients or as a component of an exhibition.

Interactive technologies lead to a holistic experience. As long as the customer has an unforgettable time with the exhibition, chances of retention increase. Usually, a memorable exhibition is one where the customer has some sort of interaction with the exhibit. It is not so much the future, but the here and now for exhibition stand design companies. At the end of the day, a technological advancement leads to a profitable exhibition stand.


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