Leading Trade Show Management Company

Triumfo International GmbH is one of the reliable trade show management companies affianced in offering remarkable services for the clients. We put our best foot forward in designing the world-class exhibition stands for your shows. As part of our trade show management services, we assign a dedicated project manager to each project. The manager is there extending full support to our esteemed clients at every step – right from the start to the finish of the event.

Our project managers are highly experienced and adept in overseeing the challenges of every project they accept and they will keep you informed and updated about the progress, milestones as well as predictable risks. They will also ensure that they have a workable plan to work around and mitigate such risks.

We respect timelines

As a leading exhibit management company, we are pledge to respect deadlines. Our project manager will take a note of the project scope and timeline within which each project must be completed.

To ensure that you are in full control of the project we’ll share these timelines with you for your knowledge and approval. However, all accountability rests with us just like any dedicated and honest project manager.

Each project has a lifecycle too

Every project that we accept has a clearly defined lifecycle with the project commencement to its successful completion. For this reason, we take the entire process’ ownership and maintain its lifecycle so there’s a thorough assessment of risks and exact implementation of procedures that are done throughout the event.

Preview and Dry Run is a Must

Since we are highly dedicated towards perfection and do not want last minute hassle and chaos, we ensure that there is a special preview or dry run right before the main event. This is done to ensure that there is nothing left or overlooked, which is rarely a possibility with our highly professional team of veterans.

During the run, we’ll take a closer look at specific details and provide you with an exclusive glimpse of what is going to be presented to you on the event day. This gives us an opportunity to quickly address any issue or modify anything that requires alteration as per your specific needs.

As a highly sought after trade show management company, we strongly believe in teamwork. So, call us right away for a candid discussion on your exhibit management project.




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