Tricks and Hacks for a Successful Trade Show


Exhibitions are an ideal way to promote your business. Whether you’re exhibiting for the first time or a seasoned professional and are looking to maximize your impact, you have a lot of things to do before you can consider your event a successful one.

The entire minute details right from colour schemes to copy plays an important role in making your exhibit a success. These six hacks can help you to get the highest possible ROI from your exhibit.

Exhibiting for the first time? Study Your Competition  

Exhibiting for the first time? Look to stand out amongst the competition.  We completely understand that designing your first trade show is a daunting task, especially if you are a small business or start-up. There are various tactics that you can use to make your booth a magnetic lead among your attendees.

Study your competitors for last year’s booths; it will help you to attain great pricing, product and marketing ideas. Pick important points like common things in booth, form headings and layouts to colour schemes of booth, display configurations, size and type (booth) of competitors. After identifying the common elements of your competitors add them in the must include list and focus on making your booth stand out.

Focus on Standing out and Seek Attention

Trade shows are an ideal way to mark your international presence. Exhibiting at trade shows with right approach will help your booth stands out from the crowd and attracts attention.  Follow basic things like a bright, eye-catching Exhibition Stand Design with an obvious USP or value proposition, it will help you to attract foot traffic, generate leads and produce a positive return on investment.

Copy Short, Sweet and Effective

While exhibiting, keep your trade show booth’s copy short, tight, friendly and focused and you’ll notice a huge rise in your foot traffic and response rate. Do not use more than five to seven words in your heading or tagline. Your headline should be attractive enough to grab the attention of visitors.

Include a Reasonable Amount of Empty Space

As an Exhibition Stand Builder, you should limit the amount of space you use for graphics, headings, and copy. Leave at least 40% of your available banner space blank, it will help your attendees to locate your booth and view your message. It also improves readability and increases footprints at your booth.

Design with Your Marketing Objectives in Mind

While designing trade booth keep marketing objectives in mind. Your booth should have a comfortable, relaxing space in which your sales reps can talk to prospects.

Design your entire trade show booth to stay on-brand

The entire design of booth should revolve around the brand. Always choose a consistent colour scheme and a theme that represents the image you’d like to present to event attendees. After some year, attendees will recognize your brand, making a consistent appearance an asset.

Triumfo International GmbH is a leading Exhibition Stand Contractor, offering pristine solutions for the clients.

4 Tips to Effectively Boost Your Trade Show Planning Activity

adult-agreement-beard-541522Exhibitions are indeed an exciting way to market your brand and get away with best of business leads in your sales shaft! You know you are on the right track until lack of proper planning leads your process to take a back seat.

Systematic planning helps you in avoiding the intimidating task of preparing and executing everything before – hand.
Here are 4 aspects of an effective planning process that can help you boost your business and lead a successful trade show venture in no time.

Trade Show Budget


It’s important to know your budget first and then work up your business display accordingly. Understand your priorities; think about your past experiences and number of shows you have participated in till date. For beginners, it’s important to do your search work and finalize your budget accordingly. Come up with the most cost effective plans by considering few things including:

  • Exhibit space cost
  • Trade Show booth cost (Choose the right display as per your budget)
  • Pre-Show, during and post- show advertisement costs
  • Travel cost
  • Service cost

Trade Show Participation, Research and Selection


With hundreds of trade shows happening, numerus booth suppliers have reduced their budget and costing that goes into making. It’s important to do your search work and look for relevant shows according to your company. Make your related search and know what your competitors are up to. So before you look for the best exhibition stand design company, be sure of your selection process. Look for options and choose the best exhibition stands solutions and services to go with your brand.

Pre- Show Planning and Promotion


1 – Understand your business goals and make a plan on how to accomplish them before your show.

2 – Reach out ways to meet new leads and involve in pre-show promotional activities

3 – Find the best ways to attain face-to-face interactions with clients

4 – Understand your competition and plan everything in advance.

Trade Show Goals and Objectives


It’s imperative to set some obvious goals as it’s very much a part of overall planning activity. If you are spreading your wings to achieve multiple objectives or goals in one go then chances are you won’t accomplish them. Establish a systematic approach to your goals and make them measurable so you have a real objective to meet. Here are few important goals including:

  • Lead generation
  • Networking with different industrial professionals
  • Educating your target audiences of your products
  • Creating awareness and brand recognition
  • Hire one of the best exhibition stand services to help you promote your business messages and goals by manufacturing robust banners and booths

There are certainly different sets of objectives with more details that go into making. It’s important to break them into smaller sections to recognize bigger and better objectives to work up the ladder.

4 Prominent Trade Show Design Ideas to Boost your Leads

Design is the king, the earliest you understand it the better. If an exhibition display event is on your mind, just remember that unlike other factors, your design and presentation shall speak for your brand.

Apparently, to create a buzz you need unconventional tricks, abstract thoughts and few effective techniques to do the talking.

Here are few trade show booth ideas to help you add that aesthetic touch while keeping it simple in order to retain your leads and help you stand out in any event effectively.

Clear and to the Point Copy and Graphics

  • Don’t try too hard with copy just utilize 5-6 words to explain your brand and products.
  • Copy should be short and crisp and avoid abstract writing.
  • It should be eye- catching and should explain your brand in merely 3 seconds.
  • Ensure your digital signage, banners and graphics are visually attractive and are kept in right element.
  • Keep your message straight and easy on eye for customers.
  • Utilize one blank wall to convey something your customers shall remember about your brand for long.

Right Balance of Colours


Colours make for an important element so choose them wisely. Use certain colours that are preferred more in market and elevate feelings of viewers in your advantage. Choose the right colour scheme and look for the best exhibition stand ideas for your brand. So never put your brand at stake and choose attention grabbing colours but don’t overdo them. Your brand message should be clear while keeping advertising display powerful, easy to read, easy on eyes and trustworthy.

Elevated Banners to Draw Attention

banners-colorful-colourful-106829 (1)
  • Add certain height to your banners to be used in your advantage.
  • Use from high, medium to short range of banners in your booth.
  • Keep their range accordingly so your exhibit is visible from distance.

Unusual Exhibit Floors


Utilizing floor area is the best trade show display ideas of all time. Make an open design with proper sit down area and use coffee tables, couches and chairs to make customers comfortable. It may seem unnecessary but choosing a best quality rug or wooden flooring adds an aesthetic touch to your display. Instead of using conventional carpets, provide more of a comfortable and good looking floor that attracts attention under your budget.

Ask your exhibit design company to suggest the best exhibition stand ideas to be implemented in design and layout of your booth. Seek for inspirations online and look for best designs that shall suit your booth perfectly.

5 Tips to help you Run a Successful Exhibition Booth Event

You have an excellent team, a great business product and everything it takes to be a successful brand in the market. But, if you don’t invest in an exhibition booth design company then you may lose the limelight. Apparently, it gives you a brilliant opportunity to mass market your brand and garner leads on the spot.


So do your research and find simply the best booth construction company to help you sway the game perfectly!


Here’s a guide to understand and implement few important tips on how to attract your visitors and run a successful event as mentioned:


Know your Audience and Target their Needs









Research and identify potential queries and needs of your target audiences.  Keep all their solutions and requirements handy and focus on delivering the right message across. So simply focus on your product and let them know the benefits of using your products and services at display.

 Keep your Booth Approachable


A great exhibition booth design is important but do ensure your exhibit is approachable for your audiences. Ensure your team greets them well, smiles often and always maintains professional decency. There should an attendee available so your customers don’t go unanswered

Introduce New Products and Services


The word “New” certainly works as a magnet in trade shows. It’s always good to introduce new products and services to attract your visitors instantly. Make your message clear if there’s any product launch or sampling going on.


Utilize High-End Graphics, Attractive Designs and Uncluttered Booths

img4Communicate your message by utilizing large banners, colorful visuals and interesting graphics to create an interest in your customers. It helps your audiences to understand what your products and services can do for them so they know the right call for action in advance. Moreover, ensure you don’t block more than 20% area of your exhibition booth with walls, counters and exhibit staff.

 Online Promotion- Pre Event, On Event and Post Event








Be active, promote your business and invite your most wanted attendees to stop by your business posts and events. Create awareness, make interactions and involve them with your social channels so that more of qualified leads can be generated.

It takes a great deal of planning and execution before an event gets rolling on the floor. There are often risks involved because of cost factor but they are worth your effort if you follow these tips to get your business going!

Why to Exhibit your Business with Custom-Made Displays?

A business event is indeed a great platform to showcase your brand and come up with innovations that bring changes. If you are looking for custom trade show displays then modular design is preferably the best option. A modular custom stand design is quite stylish and flexible and its construction is apparently low on cost so you can adjust your budget effectively.

It comes with different modules that are light weight aluminium frames covered with graphic overlays that can be adjusted to set your business apart.

So as a result, you have a great custom exhibition stand that is modern and stylish and can be easily customized as per your preference.

Get convinced with how a dynamic booth can change the entire significance and make your brand stand -out in the crowd with few benefits of modular custom made stands as mentioned:

Low on Cost and Easily Portable

When you think as investment, modular displays can be a great fit in your budget. They look good even on low cost and are certainly a great alternative for other not -so -easily –portable options. Its fully customizable display allows easy fabrication and aluminium frames add certain ease in portability.

Flexible Designs

With modular custom exhibition stand, configurations are limitless as you can easily create space and depth in your booth for your visitors. So it maybe a stand-up table, sitting arrangement to the side or walking space,table tops, interlocks and lighting, it’s quite flexible for your options.

Efficiently Versatile

Modular designs are quite versatile as they can be assembled and disassembled to create numbers of configurations to fit in for a large space or into smaller ones. Such designs are quite versatile as each element is designed to be a display in itself. So a modular custom made stand can be used as a display and in number of stand-alone exhibits in various trade shows at one time. So you can even work out your booth with single piece of display as stand-alone or vise-a-versa. This amount of versatility signifies enormous flexibility wrapped in single display.

There are enormous benefits of custom trade show displays so you can utilize the best of it during your business event lately.

Things to Avoid when Driving Sales to your Exhibit

exhibition stand design companies

Your business booth is indeed a mirror image of your brand value and prestige. If you are planning to showcase your business then it’s important to find just the right exhibition stand builders first. Ensure they are masters of all trades, which apparently means they have worked for diverse industries and are a renowned exhibition stand design companies of all times.

Talking about marketing, it plays a pivotal part in driving sales to your exhibition stands and displays. If your exhibition stand contractors fail to strategize properly then your brand can suffer big ways. Here are few things your exhibition stand design company should avoid like the plague while planning your business event as mentioned:

  • Not Promoting Creative Booths– Always ensure promoting creative and aesthetic looking booths as they attract much needed response and convert into business leads and sales. So never let your exhibition stand design and build company take your brand for granted.
  • Not Encouraging Giveaways- Encourage freebies and ask your design companies to come up with great supplies of little goodies or little bits for your customers. Print your brand name and get a great supply handy.
  • Complex Looking Display- It’s simple; just keep it creative, bold and sleek. Avoid over-complicated messages, heading or banners but instead be clear and focused on your brand.
  • Not Active on Social Platforms- If you aren’t active online you are seemingly heading in dark. As a business entity ensure you are posting whereabouts of your booth before and after your event. Post pictures, videos and stories to encourage user interest and let them make informed choices.

Ensure your exhibition stand design and build company works on right track before it leads to a wrong way!

Looking for Great Booth Design in Milan?


Milan is not only the capital of Lombardy in northern Italy but it has also been an international center of trade and industry since the Middle Ages. If you are preparing to participate in the upcoming exhibition, conference, seminar or trade show in this city, then you must first of all ensure that your presentation goes perfectly smoothly and impresses your business prospects without amiss. Whether you are a new entrant to the world of exhibitions and trade shows or are an old-hand, remember the competition is stiff in every sector. So, if you are not prepared well in advance for the d – day, you are on the verge of losing several important opportunities to your rivals who planned and prepared for the event with a professional approach.

Thanks to the many stand contractors in Milan, now you don’t really need to take all the pain and hassle that is usually associated with booth design and construction as well as event management. These companies do not just offer stand construction in Milan but they also offer complete event management solutions to help you achieve your promotional goals and increase your brand awareness during the show.

While there is certainly no paucity of stand builders in Milan, the fact is that not all possess the same level of creativity, adroitness and skills as one company that has been in the industry for more than two decades. Triumfo is a leading Milan based exhibition design company that brings with it the business intelligence and creativity garnered over so many years of creating and delivering hundreds of stunning booths across the world. From booth construction in Milan to shipping the booth to the venue, installing the booth, adding special effects, lighting, audio visuals and dismantling the booth after the show as well as helping with its safe and secure storage and warehousing for use show after show, Triumfo offers complete event management solutions under on roof.

Since they have their sales offices, warehousing facilities and manufacturing units located in close proximity, you can expect great booth design in Milan within your stipulated time frame.

Going to Frankfurt for Next Trade show?

Booth Construction in Frankfurt

If Frankfurt is calling you to be a part of the upcoming trade show, exhibition, conference or seminar, then the most important thing that you must make sure is that your booth looks simply stunning. Unless the booth is capable of attracting the audiences, you would not get that opportunity to showcase your products and talk to your business prospects. This means your purpose of being in the show will be beaten severely in the absence of an enticing booth.

I believe you would agree if I say that having a desired booth designed in Frankfurt is a huge challenge and professional help is necessary for such endeavors. Thankfully, there are a few very good companies that offer exceptional exhibition stand design and construction in Frankfurt. You can hand over the task to them and rest assured for they will take charge of complete booth management on your behalf – right from the ideation of your booth design to implementation of the design by booth construction. Some of these companies offer on site supervision so that you can relax and focus on your product quality and the show becomes a huge success story for your business.

One such booth construction company that has earned great reputation in the arena of trade show exhibits display design and construction is named Triumfo. This company has been operating in Frankfurt for years and has a huge list of happy and satisfied customers who repeatedly contact Triumfo for booth design and booth construction in Frankfurt as well as other parts of Germany.

They offer turnkey booth design and construction solutions and the choices that you have in booth design include modular booths, portable booths, two storey booths and more. You may even order a complete custom built to fit your exact requirements and specifications. This company is local to Frankfurt and has contacts with local designers and booth crafts person. The experience gained over so many years of presence in the industry and knowledge of the local trends and preferences of people, besides the inference creativity and skills of their graphic designers and booth builders make Triumfo a highly sought after name in the area.


Are you preparing for the next trade show, exhibition, conference, seminar or a business event in Cologne? If yes, then I am sure that you have already started working on your presentation to be able to entice the audiences in the show. As an exhibitor, you already know and understand the importance of an innovative and attractive booth design. Your booth in the event represents your entire business in a nutshell and provides your targeted audiences an opportunity to get a closer look and feel of your products and/ or services. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take the help of a professional exhibition company in Cologne for your booth design and construction.

There is no dearth of companies that offer stand designs for exhibition in Cologne and other cities across Germany. You can easily locate such a company online by conducting a simple Google search and visit the website to know more about their services and booth design solutions they offer. Selection of your stand contractor in Cologne is an important decision and you should not make it in haste. Take your time to study the website and have a look at their project portfolios as well as previous works done as this will give you a fair idea of what they would do to your booth if you hire them as your stand builder.

One such name that has earned great reputation and trust amongst exhibitors across the world is that of Triumfo- leading Cologne based booth Design Company that has been in exhibit displays booth construction business for over two decades. This company has already delivered thousands of event management solutions to clients not only from Germany but also from other parts of the world.
As a highly sought after name in booth construction in Cologne, Triumfo ensures that each booth is designed with utmost meticulousness and attention to the minutest of detail using only the best quality fabric, metal and other materials. From conception of your booth design to booth construction, shipping at the venue, setting up the booth, and dismantling as well as warehousing of the booth after the show, everything will be taken care of by the experts at Triumfo. All you need to do is hand over the task to these geniuses.

Preparing for the Upcoming Exhibition in Milan?

Thanks to trade shows, businesses have an opportunity to meet their targeted customers and convey their messages and business goals to them as well as get immediate feedback on their existing products/ newly launched products. Your exhibits display booth is your business’ ultimate representation as it provides the visitors and your business prospects an opportunity to get a glimpse of your business in a nutshell. Booth design is something that most participating businesses put special emphasis on because they know and understand its importance and role in ensuring their success in the show. You want your business and brand to become a well known and trusted name amongst your business prospects.

If Milan is where you are heading for attending the upcoming trade show or exhibition, then note one thing that what worked for your booth design in your homeland may quite likely not work there. Moreover, putting together a great booth design in Milan may turn out to be a challenge much bigger and difficult than you imagined.

Thanks to stand contractors in Milan that offer complete booth design and exhibition management to make the job simpler than ever for you and other exhibitors like you. There is a company that requires special mention in this regard. Triumfo is a leading stand builder in Milan with over a decade of experience in the field and this company has been operating in the area for years. Having delivered amazing and highly impressive display booth designs to several local as well as international exhibitors, Triumfo has emerged as a highly sought after name when it comes to outstanding stand construction in Milan.

Triumfo is a Milan based exhibition design company with extensive experience and a huge team of qualified and veteran 3D graphic designers, booth builders, visualizes and project managers who would not mind going that extra mile to deliver the most stunning booth to you.

Besides booth construction in Milan, you may count on this company for complete exhibition management – from 3D graphic design to booth construction, setting up the booth at the venue, and dismantling as well storage after the show.