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Preparing for an exhibition or trade show is a painstaking job that may easily interpret into several sleepless nights for your team and especially the managers and people responsible for ensuring smooth and impeccable execution of the task.

Well that’ll soon be a thing of past!

Yes, with Triumfo extending exceptionally useful in-house solutions such as on-site supervision and warehousing for your exhibit display booth as well as equipment, you can relax as the task of pulling off an outstanding presentation will be handled by the experts in the industry.

Event Planning

Before moving the booth set up to the venue, we may offer a dry run or rehearsal of the presentation at our workshop to ensure everything falls just in place and exactly as you had envisioned. Besides this, you may ask for visuals of the booth making in order to be able to keep up with the process and provide your input if required.

On the event day, our team will ensure that every piece is nailed perfectly before delivering the assembled booth. Whether you need a custom built or a modular fix, our on site supervision expertise will ensure that nothing goes awry on the day. Our booth specialists will be there to ensure a great show for you. Call us and we will make pulling down of the booth a hassle free affair as the show culminates.

Management of Assets

Except when using disposable booth, you’ll need professional warehousing facility to store your stand safely when it is not in use. We do not want our esteemed clients to run around, toil , and manage several suppliers for different services. Our turnkey solutions comprise safe and secure storage of your stands till you need them for next occasion. Our storage facilities are located nationwide which means taking the booth to and fro is not going to be a costly affair for you.

We are here to make the event a great success for you.




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