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EuroShop is a trendsetting retail trade fair held after every three years. It is divided into four areas EuroConcept, EuroSales, EuroCIS, and EuroExpo. This show will be held in Messe Dusseldorf from 26th February to 2nd March 2023. It will be the world-leading retail investment fair, a trend barometer and an innovation platform. You will find a completely new concept in the 2023 edition. The centre of attraction will be on lightning, visual merchandising, expo and event marketing, shop fitting and store design, retail technology and POP marketing. Approximately, 110,000 visitors will be participating in this show.


EuroShop will feature a comprehensive programme, lectures, presentations, awards, discussions on the latest issues as well as case studies. You will get to know the eight fascinating dimensions of retail. All the latest trends showcased and topics discussed will shape the retail sector and other areas of life and business. The discussion will be on the developments and challenges in the retail sector. The other topics for discussion include technical innovations and their implementations, custom behaviour etc. Some of the essential facts about the EuroShop fair 2023.

Visual Merchandising

In this modern era, visual marketing is becoming more and more imminent. Emotions and a well-thought-out story play a vital role in the visual merchandising processes. In “Visual Merchandising”, you can clearly demonstrate how brick-and-mortar retailers can attain more customer attention.

Retail Technology

Technology plays a vital role as it makes retailers live more comfortably. It not only saves time but also connects to all the shopping channels. In terms of customers, it will be an easy and interactive shopping experience. The possibilities are limitless in the dimension of the retail technology of EuroShop.

POP Marketing

At EuroShop, POP marketing will show the most beautiful and attractive installations. It will be so cute that the customer will be forced to buy. They will find exactly what they are looking for or looking to buy.

Stand Cost Calculator

Calculating the cost for your stand is easy and comfortable with the EuroShop Stand Cost Calculator. Simply enter your stand requirement and have the cost displayed. By calculating the cost, you get an easy figure as what amount you need to exhibit.

Awards and Recognition

There are numerous awards to recognise the work of the aspirants. The jury based on their contribution to the retail industry gives these awards

Tickets and Registration

You can register or apply online. What is required is to register at the ticket shop. If you are already a member, then you can edit your personal data.


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