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A New Chapter for a new voyage? Bit confused! Thinking about what it means well let's see.

This Journey, a journey of destruction started in Late December 2019 from Wuhan with the outbreak of the most deadly virus named “Coronavirus”. A virus that was mistakenly considered as small and thought about what it could do to affect our life. But this mistakenly considered virus started ruining everything before one’s eyes, every sector is affected by it followed by a nationwide lockdown and cancellation of major and big Exhibitions and Expos, thereby collapsing the in-person trade fairs. But men being men they started new ways to foster their business, and they decided to go digital. They chose a path that takes them to the virtual world that is far from reality. Virtual mode creates an impact but can we be assured that the influences and impacts created are as equivalent and favorable as in-person for a long time.

We’ll let us look into it.


Why is Virtual Entry not that Impactful as In-person walk?


  • No Personal Interlinkages – The first and the foremost barrier to Virtual mode is there is no actual or face to face interaction between exhibitors and buyers as Time zones vary from country to country and everyone can’t attend the virtual event at the same time they may not be able to interact with everyone.
  • Undue Distraction/ Short Attention Span – When you are going for an in-person event, your team, as well as your customers, are aware of your travel plan and even your ” out of office” option is on so it prevents undue distractions, but being at home or office or somewhere else where you have an option for attending a virtual show, you always seems to be distracted in one way or another.
  • Screen Retarded – This year had been a year where all of us were packed in work from home schedule, people have been busy attending meetings, training, free webinars through video conferencing, and an exhibition and fairs in the virtual world will not only be an extension in this fatigue Marathon but also making men more like a zombie or a toy which needs a key to operate. Research says that access to screens can cause many serious health issues so what’s the use of living a monotonous and puppet life?
  • Unfavorable for Physical Industry– Although going digital can be a very good fit for Web design and computer-aided companies, but it cannot be a good fit for physical viewing industries like Exhibition stand design companies where they provide the facility of modular exhibition stand design where you can showcase your brand and products and can attract them, or for industry-related with craft items and books whether physical viewing can make a better impact than digital.
  • Difficulty in creating impacts of sponsorship – In the case of virtual trade shows they are fewer chances of sponsorship creation as in reality or live trade fairs it is easy for sponsors to enhance positive associations with others through the use of tea or biscuits that denotes a company brand and attendees can easily associate with this whereas this association is lacking in the virtual view.


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