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An exhibitor has to run in a race to attract a crowd! To win this race, there are a lot of elements such as including beverages, gifts, and much more. Here, lighting plays an important role in staying ahead and leaving your competitors behind. If lights are used properly then it can give you the desired results.


In this blog, we will discuss about role of lighting, its various benefits, how to use the lighting in the best possible manner, and lastly, we will also suggest the best exhibition stand design company that help you not only incorporate the lighting element properly but also help you to attract maximum crowd effectively and efficiently. 

Lightings Create the Best Ambience

Creating the right ambiance is one the crucial tasks as it not only attracts the crowd but also compels people to stay on your trade show stand and engage with your team. Think about a cool café that has quality lighting and ambiance. You will always want to come here again and again. Similarly, if you are using the right lighting, your target audience also wants to come to your exhibition stand and want to spend time listening to your deals.


No matter you want to create a modern space or a cool isolated space, lighting can help you make your surroundings appealing. In order to create the best ambiance, it is important that you use even and uniform lighting, it also helps in making your area more spacious.  

Various Advantages of Using Adequate Lighting 

Generally, exhibitors overlook the importance of lights but it has various advantages that are mentioned below:

  • The most popular example is to use various colors of lights to highlight a particular banner, product, or advertising piece. 
  • It is beneficial for creating focus and gaining the attention of visitors.
  • Lights help in setting the mood and hence create positive vibes that attract the target audience.
  • It helps in giving an impressive and attractive look. 
  • It provides a professional and sophisticated appearance to your presentation.


‘Various studies have also shown that human beings are naturally attracted towards those areas which are bright and illuminated especially to the walls that are well-lit rather than dark ones’.


So, it becomes important to include lighting in an appropriate manner. We can also say that extra lights are better than less as you will not get a chance to fix lights during the trade show. In addition, you can enhance your brand image by using accurate lighting and achieve the highest results in an effective and efficient manner.

Tips to Use the Lighting Effectively

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve your goals by increasing the attractiveness of the trade show stand. 

  • Use ladder lights that hang on the ceiling gives an orange effect, it helps in seeking the attention of visitors.  
  • With a visible backlit 3D logo, you can make your trade show stand visible from a distance. 
  • Go for an ultra-thin LED light box for highlighting our graphics. This light gives a bright and stylish look. Moreover, it is cost-effective. This is the reason why it is the most popular light.  
  • Dynamic light will help you to stand out on the exhibition floor and make your presentation unique as well as impactful. Random moving lights always seek the attention of people. With Laser or LED projectors, it will serve your objectives perfectly. 
  • If you want to go for a lively appeal then you must choose bright and cool lights or you can use dark light if you want to create a strong emotion.  


You can also use various colors of lights for different purposes. As we know different colors convey different meanings. For example, the red colour signifies passion, the yellow colour conveys hope, the blue colour means wisdom and the green colour reflects freshness. Likewise, other colours have their own meaning. Use those lighting that convey your message. It is one of the best ways to make meaningful design.


Make sure that all elements including lighting convey harmony on your trade show stand. It is necessary to give the best look to your trade show stand. If this thing is considered properly then no one can stop you from stealing the show and impress your target audience.  


Best Exhibition Stand Builder for Maximum Results 

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