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Understanding the costs of planning an exhibition stand design might be difficult. There is no definite fee for a stand, and neither we nor anybody else can provide one. The cost of your booth will be determined by what you want to be included in your features and function, as well as your company’s exhibition goals. All we can do is assist you in understanding and determining which sections of a stand to invest in and what it will cost you.

What are the costs to be kept in mind?

Getting a trade show stand design-builder is a service in which an exhibition stand builder handles the design, delivery, and construction of your stand, as well as its removal and storage, allowing your sales personnel to focus better on selling your product or service. The services provided by them can be classified into the following categories:


Stand Dimensions:

The dimensions necessary for the exhibition stand design itself are the most important aspect influencing the pricing of your display stand. The bigger the stand, the longer the assembly time and total amount of contractors necessary, as well as the extra material required.

Frame types:

Exhibition stand contractors like Triumfo will provide a variety of frame styles, with traditional stand builders employing entirely wooden stands, which can boost prices owing to the number of carpenters and decorators necessary.


Required Flooring Type:

Most trade fairs supply carpet as default for all exhibits, but if you are renting a booth, you may want to go for a more polished look by using a different type of carpeting.

There are verities available with exhibition booth design companies like Triumfo, including colored carpet, wood-effect, linoleum, and even custom flooring such as grasses or a fully-printed floor, all of which are extra-cost.


Stand Features and Extras:

The major benefit of leasing an exhibition stand is the customizable nature of the frame, which allows you to add a variety of stand features and extras to make your stand even more distinctive.

Additional features that can be added involve using TVs, storage areas, supply furniture, holders or shelving, counter desks, product showcasing, additional lighting, banners, etc.


Venue Charges:

As the intricacy of your stand increases, it is probable that you will demand far more of the show venue’s amenities – which frequently come at a high cost.


You or an exhibition stands design company like Triumfo will need to address these expenses with the event planner directly because they vary substantially depending on the sort of performance and venue. These include – electricals needs for the stand, WIFI costings, rigging costs, water and waste management costs, etc.


How to Reduce the Cost of an Exhibition Stand?

If any of the information in this article has made you nervous, we have a solution for you. There are absolutely methods to save money on an exhibition stand while still having all of the integrated product exhibits and multimedia components you need to call attention to your exhibit.


Cutting costs on your exhibition booth allows you to incorporate more electrical plugs, allowing you to include more eye-catching design aspects on your booth. Depending on your showing objectives and demands, you can also invest a larger portion of your cash on furnishings or employees.



You will be off to a good start now that you do have a costing guide for a custom exhibition stands design. Communicate your budget clearly to your exhibition stand contractors; they must know this in order to produce a stand that provides you the most value for your money.


Following the receipt of a design from your exhibition stand builders, you will receive a thorough price describing the pricing of each component. It’s a good idea to be a bit flexible with your spending. Trust that your provider understands where you should be putting your money and it will assist you as much as possible along the road.


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