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Trade shows are one of the best marketing strategy from ages. It is an ancient way of reaching out to potential customers and has just changed the face owing to fast developments in the technology that we call as era of digitalization. The essence remains the same. Trade shows are still organized to reach out to a large number of audience and the aim is to get maximum ROI through exhibitions. Nowadays, the ways in which trade shows are organized has changed. Exhibition participation in Germany has also been affected in the ways things are conducted in this era of digitalization.


Visitor attendance is of high importance in trade shows and a lot of strategies are applied nowadays to gather more traffic at trade shows. Social media has played a vital role in making the new information reach a lot of audience from diverse places in a short span of time. Exhibition participation in Germany is one of the best way to keep yourself updated of new advancements and stay ahead in competition in the fast changing scenarios.


All in all a lot of money is spent these days in trade shows, so it is required that the exhibitors plan their trade shows in a manner in which they can generate maximum ROI from the trade show event. In this blog we shall describe the strategies that can help to increase ROI on exhibition participation in Germany.


The perfect booth space at the exhibition floor

It makes a lot of impact if your exhibition stand space is located at the best location at the exhibition floor. You need to attract the potential customers at your booth. So having a booth at the near entrance can help you have the visitors that are in fresh mood to explore the stalls and are in a relaxed mode to listen to all that you have to say. As you go farther away from the entrance you’ll feel the visitors get tired by that time and are not very serious about listening to the exhibitors unless they have an agenda to seriously explore your particular booth for some reason.


A good location is also observed if your booth is near a café or restroom where people are often crowded and are very likely to explore the nearby booths. Booths around the cross junctions are also well placed if we talk of good location. So you can see there are a lot many options available for you if you are looking to have the best location for your exhibition stand in your mind. 


Eye catching exhibition stand

Another important point to keep in mind is to have an eye-catching exhibition stand. It has now become almost a necessity to have an exhibition stand design that can grab the attention of visitors at the booth. A lot of amount is invested in the exhibition stand design in the trade shows. The primary motive of a trade show booth is to gain attention of the visitors and gather more traffic at the booth. For this purpose a lot of strategies are developed by exhibition stand builders.


High end technologies are used like virtual walls, interactive floors, augmented reality, virtual reality, multi-sensory installations that carry quite a cost. Some exhibitors also favor the practice of giving away freebies at the booth to gather more traffic. There are lot of techniques available to enhance the exhibition stand design and it can help to increase the ROI through attracting a large crowd to the exhibition booth.


Keep the exhibition stand manned

It is imperative to say that exhibition stand must be manned at all times during the exhibition. Keep trained staff at the modular exhibition stand that can keep the visitors engaged. The staff that has pleasing mannerisms and an ability to engage the visitors positively with their winning personality is the right choice for the exhibitions booths. Even if your exhibition stand is of the best quality that can attract a lot of traffic at the exhibition floor, the need of having the best trained staff doesn’t get lessened. You cannot convert the visitors to potential customers without the help of staff members doing the task.


Keeping enough marketing collateral

You must keep enough marketing collateral to offer in the trade show. Brochures and leaflets on your product are the magic wands that can get you leads so do not underestimate the power that they hold. Plan how many of them would you need at the trade show quite some prior to the show. Keep little extra of them for the time when luck is in your favor and you are able to get a lot of traffic at your booth.


You would be really disappointed to lose the chance of making people have your data handy when they come to your booth and want it if you fall short of the stuff. So it is a good idea to keep yourself well aware of your need of marketing collateral and have sufficient stuff for the trade show.


Post show follow up

Your last step is post show follow up. While you consider the end of trade show as then end of opportunity of generating leads at the trade show, it might not be the case. Your efficient follow up with the contacts can help you generate leads after the trade show is over. It is interesting to note that many visitors are there at the trade show to explore the various options in the specific area. However, they like to make up their mind to purchase after they have gone back home and are in a relaxed zone to think rationally away from the crowded situation where everyone is trying to prove their point. Here, lies the importance of your efficient follow up.


Your emails, social media updates to their contact information where they have agreed to receive the information is the right platform to remind them of the products and services that they have witnessed at the show to a deeper extent. They can go through your information more deeply and can seriously plan to invest in them. Hence your chance to convert them into the business leads is also prevalent after the trade show is over. You will thank your exhibition stand builder for giving you a chance to gather enough contacts. You still have the chance to increase your ROI from the trade show event by efficient follow up post the trade show event.


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