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An exhibition is a great marketing tool for exposing your company to a larger market within the industry. It can be little overwhelming if your event is just around the corner. If you are looking for the best exhibit design company, you need people who understand your objective, your business and the impact of your exhibition stand for your company. You have to think about all the human and financial resources that might be needed for this complex communication and exposure mechanism.


To achieve a successful outcome from the trade shows, you need to plan every small detail. It is imperative you will choose a company that has been in the industry for decades, who can provide an exhibition stand concept that is right for you and for your business.


Here are the few tips that can help you in selecting the right exhibition stand builder for your upcoming shows.


Production Space / Warehouse

After renting the exhibition space, choose a company that can provide a good production space for your exhibition stand, a sound warehouse to store your stand, have a certain degree of control over the entire stand manufacturing process, have a better budget optimization than others competitors in the trade show market. Working with such companies ensures smooth stand manufacturing process right from beginning to end.


Geographical Location

Geographical location matters a lot when it comes to choosing the right exhibition stand supplier for your exhibition marketing campaign. It keeps your logistical expense in control. If you choose not to opt for the nearby contractor then it will definitely affect your budget or somehow increase your expense.


Experienced Exhibition Stand Contractors

One of the greatest benefits of using an experienced exhibition stand builder is that they have rich experience in their domain. They are aware of all the ins and outs of trade shows requirement, they know how to include lighting and other factors, whether certain design elements will work or not. After discussing all your exhibition requirements, offers you the most effective stand. With professional exhibition stand contractor, nothing is left to chance. You can ask them to show you a portfolio with their projects.


Activity Field References

Always look for such exhibition stand design company who can offer some credentials relevant for your activity field. These credentials comprise of series of creative strategies, which was used with a client in trade shows. You can take a glimpse of those activities as how they display the products or optimize the rented space for the exhibition stand design.



One should not undermine the power of engaging graphics, an impeccable range of graphics communicate your marketing message clearly and effectively to your target audience. Always look for such exhibition stand builder who uses modern print techniques and ensures that your exhibition stand and graphics are interspersed harmoniously to present a strong consolidated image. They should have a keen eye on every tiny detail along with rich experience to place assorted elements in your stand graphic.



Your first connection with your future exhibition stand builder is extremely important. Whatever the request mode is, whether you have requested via email, by telephone or through an online form, what matter is how much the team is interested in finding out more information about your business. In the absence of interest, chances are dim that you receive the custom price offer and the desired exhibition stand design.


For a good consulting, it is extremely important that the exhibition contractor take a keen interest in your business. The more updated your exhibition contractor is the more valuable information and advice you will be getting for your next trade show.


24/7 Technical Assistance

No matter how much experience your exhibition stand contractor is, issues are bound to exist. Hence, your exhibition stand contractor should offer 24/7 technical assistance. Whatever problem that might occur during the trade show should be addressed without any delay and with maximum discretion.


Utility Order (e.g. Electricity, Water Connection, Rigging, Drayage & Labour)

Right after signing the contract with your supplier, you place the order for the trade show and fill out some exhibition stand requirement forms. Here the role of exhibition stand supplier comes into frame, they are the one who filled in all these forms and send them to the show management. Sending the forum within the defined time frame ensures your participation in the exhibition without any delay.



Hire the right exhibition stand builder in Germany, don’t look to save a few bucks by hiring a novice. Looking for the leading Exhibition Stand Builder for your upcoming show, then your search ends here. We offer few tips which are very beneficial in finding your ideal exhibition partner.


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