Successful Trade Show


With a thriving resource of social media, you can generate traffic to your trade booth. The right knowledge to harness this power will help to target right set of people. Digital media offers enormous exposure for the company.


Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In, Pinterest and YouTube are an ideal channel to generate buzz about your trade show. What required is to write a quality copy as who will be there, free giveaways, and what are benefits of attending the show? Strategizing of pre-event and post-event plans through best platform can help you in promoting events to a large-scale audience.


Pre Show Marketing:

The pre-event marketing activities play a vital role for a great turn out. Usage of Email marketing tool, Facebook and LinkedIn will be a great help, it not only helps you to stay in touch with your prospective parties or program attendees but also deliver updates about your event.  For the pre shows.


  • Check the trade show official Hash-tags on Twitter, follow them at three to six weeks prior to the event.
  • Contact them on LinkedIn and invite them to your booth or a seminar you are holding.
  • Create a page on Facebook and You Tube for the event and share photos of preparation process, construction shots to generate a buzz. Teaser video of the preparation will be a great help.
  • Send an invitation mail on email marketing. You can increase the frequency of email marketing when required.


Trade Show Activities during Live Show:

As you know digital media has transformed the way we promote trade shows, various innovative ways like live streaming have helped an individual to reach to their customer sitting in remote areas. In fact, a larger percentage of internet traffic is completely attributed to the Facebook live, You Tube live channels. Through this medium, they can see the live streaming of your events. Activities during live show include.


  • Testimonials and word of mouth marketing to promote business.
  • Live Streaming of the whole event.
  • Take snippets of the funny moments and share pictures from the booths.
  • Contents and giveaways.


Post Show Marketing:

For the post-show, create a strong branding campaign to stand out amongst your attendees. This will help you in interacting with your target customers. You can post trade show booth images, videos, stories, client response and feedback that are related to your brand. Social media profiles appear frequently in search engine results and therefore they are just one more way for people to find you. Strategies for post-show marketing.


  • Strong Branding Campaign
  • Consider using tools like Dux-Soup, a Google chrome extension to keep track of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Use LinkedIn publisher to share good content.



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