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Exhibitions are an ideal way to exhibit your products and services, grab the attention of prospective clients and raise your profile. There are numerous conventional and modern methods to exhibit, standing out from the mass and getting your voice heard can appear challenging but with the right approach, you can make the most of it.


It’s a fact that the visibility of your company is communicated through the first encounter while interacting at your exhibition stand. Hence, exhibiting in the most eye-catching way, with the right colour branding and graphics will help you to target the right set of people. There is a huge importance of colour branding and graphics, major snap judgments made about the product is based on the colour alone.


Enticing colour and graphic will help you to make a great showing at the event. The right hacks will deliver a significant return on the overall investment.


Right Colour Combination – To Get A Professional Look


Studies show that colours naturally affect the biochemistry. People respond to colour hence when you are creating your stand, keep the emotions of colour in mind. It might invoke the kind of response you are looking for. Each colour brings out different emotions.


Usage of bright, bold colours helps you to stand out from the swarming masses, always believe in “go bold or go home” mentality. Always strategize colours in your exhibition stand to provide a unique contrast with your brand logo, and for the merchandise stand out. In the same way, usage of the right colour combination in the wall serves as a backdrop for the product line and images displayed in the stand. Always use such colour that makes sense for your company and attains your business objectives.


An exhibition provides a unique opportunity to conduct one-on-one conversations in real-time. This will also help you to attain better branding and more sales. Careful planning, strategy and follow-up execution must all align by your exhibition Stand contractors to ensure that your business effectively reaps at the event. Usage of little auxiliary enticement in displays to add an extra visual punch will help you to make your event a success.


Importance of Graphics – It’s Time To Bring Design To The Spotlight


Graphics are one of the most vital elements of any exhibition. They set the right tone for your show. Graphics should be designed in such a way that it reinforces your company’s brand image as well as communicate to your audience. It is also used to create interest and depth within your exhibit, which makes it more visually stimulating. Your stand graphics should be the amalgamation of excellent colour, clarity, and detail. Always use an eye-catching display that utilizes interchangeable graphics or a simple display to keep your attendees engaged. If your display isn’t interesting, it will get lost in the sea of other displays out there. Hence, hiring the services of a booth construction company is vital.


Triumfo International GmbH offers an extensive range of high-quality exhibition stands for your shows in Europe. The alluring stand designs help you in making a massive brand impression and fantastic value for money. We have an established presence as an exhibition stand design company in Europe for over one decade


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