4 Prominent Trade Show Design Ideas to Boost your Leads

Design is the king, the earliest you understand it the better. If an exhibition display event is on your mind, just remember that unlike other factors, your design and presentation shall speak for your brand.

Apparently, to create a buzz you need unconventional tricks, abstract thoughts and few effective techniques to do the talking.

Here are few trade show design ideas to help you add that aesthetic touch while keeping it simple in order to retain your leads and help you stand out in any event effectively.

Clear and to the Point Copy and Graphics

  • Don’t try too hard with copy just utilize 5-6 words to explain your brand and products.
  • Copy should be short and crisp and avoid abstract writing.
  • It should be eye- catching and should explain your brand in merely 3 seconds.
  • Ensure your digital signage, banners and graphics are visually attractive and are kept in right element.
  • Keep your message straight and easy on eye for customers.
  • Utilize one blank wall to convey something your customers shall remember about your brand for long.

Right Balance of Colours

Colours make for an important element so choose them wisely. Use certain colours that are preferred more in market and elevate feelings of viewers in your advantage. Choose the right colour scheme and look for the best exhibition stand ideas for your brand. So never put your brand at stake and choose attention grabbing colours but don’t overdo them. Your brand message should be clear while keeping advertising display powerful, easy to read, easy on eyes and trustworthy.

Elevated Banners to Draw Attention

  • Add certain height to your banners to be used in your advantage.
  • Use from high, medium to short range of banners in your booth.
  • Keep their range accordingly so your exhibit is visible from distance.

Unusual Exhibit Floors

Utilizing floor area is the best trade show display ideas of all time. Make an open design with proper sit down area and use coffee tables, couches and chairs to make customers comfortable. It may seem unnecessary but choosing a best quality rug or wooden flooring adds an aesthetic touch to your display. Instead of using conventional carpets, provide more of a comfortable and good looking floor that attracts attention under your budget.

Ask your exhibition stand design company to suggest the best exhibition stand ideas to be implemented in design and layout of your booth. Seek for inspirations online and look for best designs that shall suit your booth perfectly.

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