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At trade exhibitions, using lighting in inventive ways is a good method to grab attendees’ attention. Trade show lighting can be used by vendors to illuminate their booths, banners, and displayed goods. Additionally, you may employ lighting to create an ambience or vibe for your booth. It can be used to accentuate the exhibition booth design. Using various light configurations, you may pique visitors’ interest or arouse their suspicions, or even provide a sense of privacy if your clients want it. We at Triumfo, as exhibition stand contractors always focus on the aspect of lighting.


As you may have guessed, lighting requires more than just thinking to get the appropriate impact. Despite having a lot of creative freedom, you need to set up your trade show lighting according to some rules.


Following are different types of trade show lighting:

There are three main types of light types when it comes to exhibition setups:


  • LED Lamp: Featuring low heat emission, lower power consumption and high light output.
  • Halogen Lamp: Features high heat emission, high power consumption and regular light output.
  • Gas-discharge Lamp: Featuring Moderate heat emission, regular power consumption and high light output.


There are three main colour temperatures when it comes to trade show lighting:

Soft White: The gentlest type of lighting is warm or soft white. It is a soothing yellowish light that makes you feel relaxed. This great lighting option creates a cosy atmosphere in the booth. Its colour temperature is between 2700K and 3000K.


  • Bright White: Cool white, sometimes known as brilliant white, is somewhat whiter than soft white and is ideal for lighting merchandise displays. They highlight product features, making it simple to draw clients’ attention. The colour temperature of this lamp ranges from 3500K to 4100K.
  • Daylight: This kind of light has a somewhat white tinge and is blue in colour. It works well for lighting logos or a corporate emblem and gives the impression of being a clear day. The colour temperature of daylight begins at 5000K and above.

Consider highlighting the brand logo, brand slogan and products on display, with the use of lighting. Have a word with your modular exhibition stand builder on how to effectively use trade show lighting.


Keep In Mind:

Invest in Quality Lighting-

The cost of high-quality lighting equipment may be high, but investing in these lights is the best move if you want to save money over the long haul. Energy-efficient LED trade show lights typically cost more upfront, but they last far longer than standard incandescent lights.


Try Using a Back Light-

Backlighting is a method for illuminating objects by carefully positioning lights inside frames, on signs, or behind fabric panels. One of the biggest, most creative, and consistently fashionable trade fair lighting concepts is this one.


Try Creating an Experience-

There are many different methods to experiment with lighting your trade show area, but going overboard with your experiments may hinder your efforts to draw visitors to your booth. Being subtle while using lighting is the best strategy.


Try Not Going Overboard-

Keep in mind that you want visitors to your trade show booth to enjoy an experience that is particular to your business. Any gimmick you add to your booth is considerably less significant than a satisfying and memorable experience.


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