Successful Trade Show


Exhibitions are an ideal way to promote your business. Whether you’re exhibiting for the first time or a seasoned professional and are looking to maximize your impact, you have a lot of things to do before you can consider your event a successful one.


The entire minute details right from colour schemes to copy plays an important role in making your exhibit a success. These six hacks can help you to get the highest possible ROI from your exhibit.


Exhibiting for the first time? Study Your Competition  

Exhibiting for the first time? Look to stand out amongst the competition.  We completely understand that designing your first trade show is a daunting task, especially if you are a small business or start-up. There are various tactics that you can use to make your booth a magnetic lead among your attendees.


Study your competitors for last year’s booths; it will help you to attain great pricing, product and marketing ideas. Pick important points like common things in booth, form headings and layouts to colour schemes of booth, display configurations, size and type (booth) of competitors. After identifying the common elements of your competitors add them in the must include list and focus on making your booth stand out.


Focus on Standing out and Seek Attention

Trade shows are an ideal way to mark your international presence. Exhibiting at trade shows with right approach will help your booth stands out from the crowd and attracts attention.  Follow basic things like a bright, eye-catching Exhibition Stand Design with an obvious USP or value proposition, it will help you to attract foot traffic, generate leads and produce a positive return on investment.


Copy Short, Sweet and Effective

While exhibiting, keep your trade show booth’s copy short, tight, friendly and focused and you’ll notice a huge rise in your foot traffic and response rate. Do not use more than five to seven words in your heading or tagline. Your headline should be attractive enough to grab the attention of visitors.


Include a Reasonable Amount of Empty Space

As an Exhibition Stand Builder, you should limit the amount of space you use for graphics, headings, and copy. Leave at least 40% of your available banner space blank, it will help your attendees to locate your booth and view your message. It also improves readability and increases footprints at your booth.


Design with Your Marketing Objectives in Mind

While designing trade booth keep marketing objectives in mind. Your booth should have a comfortable, relaxing space in which your sales reps can talk to prospects.


Design your entire trade show booth to stay on-brand

The entire design of booth should revolve around the brand. Always choose a consistent colour scheme and a theme that represents the image you’d like to present to event attendees. After some year, attendees will recognize your brand, making a consistent appearance an asset.


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