Virtual Trade Shows


Virtual Trade Shows

A virtual trade show is an online event running for a limited period where exhibitors and visitors connect on the web, rather than in-person. Conference calls, Web conferencing come under the category of virtual events.


Face-to-face events

A face-to-face event is where all the participants are physically in the same place. It has exhibition stands incorporated with creative ideas to grab the attention of the visitors and there exist numerous ways in which exhibitors try to convert visitors into business leads. The entire process in face-to-face events is instantaneous.



Virtual trade fairs can be accessed from anywhere and are not limited by geographical location. You can be at any place in the world and be a part of the virtual event with the help of your smart device.


Face-to-face events are limited by geographical location and take place at a certain place. You need to travel all the way to the venue to be a part of that particular trade fair.



A virtual event can be recorded and can be telecast again as per your choice. There is no such facility to repeat the event at your convenience and whatever happens at one instance of time is just that, the next moment is fresh.


Internet Connection

An internet connection is a must when we are conducting a virtual event. The entire set-up of the virtual event is web-based and cannot be conducted without an internet connection.


The face-to-face event can be executed without an internet connection too. Internet connection is an add-on to the event, not a necessity. You can boost up your presence with the help of social media, beacons, and other internet-based devices in a face-to-face event but it is not essential to have an internet connection for its execution.


Exhibition stands

Virtual events do not require the setup of exhibition stands. Exhibitors in the face-to-face event choose the best stand builder with creative ideas from the list to make their event more successful.



The special guest if invited over to the event will cost much less in the case of virtual events than that in the face-to-face event. The travel and lodging facilities are high in the face-to-face event and cease to exist in virtual events. The guests can be present and share information or knowledge at their convenience sitting at their home place.


The cost of hiring an exhibition management company dealing with exhibition stands ceases to exist in virtual events whereas it holds very high importance in face-to-face events. Along with showcasing the products and services, the stand design companies get an opportunity to show their innovative and creative ideas in exhibition stands. The requirement of choosing the best stand builder is very high in face-to-face events. Custom exhibition stand contractors have shown incredible progress in their innovative designs and use of technology to enhance the exhibition stands that people sometimes just wish to attend the face-to-face events to experience something new along with the reason to attend the trade show.


Choice of event

In a face-to-face trade show, one cannot just pick up one event that you are interested in and spend time and money on that but even if you wish to attend one event in the trade show you will have to go all the way to the venue and search your booth that you wish to explore.


Whereas in virtual events one has a choice of event that one wants to attend and invest your time in just that without having to think about the parallel events going on. There is no requirement of searching the booth in virtual events. You can just log in to the specific event that you wish to participate in and be a part of it.


Networking opportunities

The face-to-face events have more in-person networking opportunities from across the globe. Nothing beats in-person attendance, an opportunity to read the body language of visitors. And the benefit of instant feedback which can tremendously help in business transformation according to the requirements of customers.


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