Exhibition Booth Design


How many of you aspire to improve the visibility of your brand? If you really wish to do so, you should advertise your product in trade show events, quite frequently. Now, in such events, numerous businesses make attempts to make their presence felt. So obviously, you got to explore various options in order to strike a difference to your exhibition booth design and construction Stuttgart.


Please read on if you wish to know more about the different components of a great exhibition booth design:


#1. Graphics:

You need to come up with an intelligent graphic in your booth display. Colorful, full-sized graphics that convey the features and message of your business are acceptable. In addition, your graphics should have a high resolution.


#2. Branding and Logos:

Your brand name should be displayed at the front while the logo should be placed at the center of the graphic. Some brands prefer using a table runner for his purpose. But bear in mind that the logo and branding should appear at eye-level.


#3. Lighting:

Light plays a significant role in altering the look and feel of an exhibition booth. It allows attendees to read the message of your brand distinctly. It also lights up the side walls, back walls and shadowed parts of the booth. Also, it brightens up the mood.


#4. Technology:

Modern generation is tech-friendly. So, if you wish to connect with the youth, you need to stay ahead of your competitors through efficient use of technology. Interactive touch screens and videos can be coordinated to display business processes or testimonials.

In addition, you need to make the best utilization of social media platforms. For instance, you can post a photo of your exhibition booth on Facebook or Instagram or tweet and interesting update.


#5. Promotional Items:

When you offer promotional collateral to your customers, you automatically lure them to your products! Such items are used to share contact information. You can offer items like USB drives, tote bags, mugs and pens.


We offer complete exhibition services in Europe for worldwide clients. We have our own vehicle for transporting shipment booth to the exhibition center.



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