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A trade show booth rental service provides you with flexible, creative options for showcasing your brand and messaging in the most vibrant way. It blends sophisticated marketing strategy with detailed tactics, hence one should have a comprehensive trade show checklist to rock on the trade show floor. With the help of a detailed trade show checklist tasks, you can attain paramount success.

Pre-Show Trade Show Checklist

Create a Primary Goal

There are myriads of benefits while exhibiting at a trade show. What required is to determine your primary goal to identify whether your trade show campaign was a success. Some quick ideas can help you to attain the objectives.


Quick Trade Show Goal Ideas

  • Generate sales on the trade show floor.
  • Generate healthy leads.
  • Establish a network with the industry giants.
  • Look for the investors.


Craft Your Main Message

On an average, you get just 3 seconds to attract the attention of a visitor. Always craft an attractive and engaging message for the clients. It should be part of your trade show checklist if you are planning for the next event. While crafting message ensure your message should be a single, short attention seeking phrase.


Vendor Presentation

Presentation matters a lot for your business, hence arrange a vendor presentation as it will help you to boost your company’s presence at the trade show. This presentation will also help you to put your sales professional in front of qualified prospects. A presentation should be an integral part of your trade show checklist.


Pick your Exhibiting Space

Exhibit space matters a lot in any exhibition hence if you know where you want to attend the trade show event, register as soon as possible to secure the ideal location. These space selection tips for the exhibition will help you a lot.


  • Ideal location for Exhibiting is near the front of the show.
  • Exhibiting space near the center of the exhibition floor.
  • Exhibiting space at the ends of aisles.


Design your Trade Show Banner and Hand-Outs

Design and print an immaculate range of banners and hand-outs to your visitors. Ensure that given collateral and trade show banners communicate your brand message and theme properly.


Select Your Trade Show Booth Staff

Your trade show booth company staff is an ideal platform for success, so selecting the right team is extremely important. Deploy at least three to four booth staffers to handle your visitors or prospective clients. Depending upon your requirement, you may employ a large staff and assign roles, map out the positioning of personnel.


Make Travel Arrangements

Making travel arrangement is one of the most important aspects of trade show planning. Hence, you should book hotels rooms, plane tickets, and rental cars early to attain cheaper fares.


Decide on Your Exhibit

If you are looking to exhibit, do deep researches to get the best exhibiting space that accomplishes your unique and specific goals. A custom or modular trade show booth is considered as the best option to showcase the uniqueness of your brand. In case, you are a smaller company or a start-up, considering a portable trade show display will be the best suitable options.


Plan Your Promotional Items

In order to stand out, you need to plan your giveaways and promotional items as it will help you in generating leads as well as target your marketing messages. Whatever promotional item you are distributing make sure that they are customized with your logo. Distributing hand-outs and collateral, promotional items at your trade show booth will be a great help.


Pre-show Mailings

Always send pre-show mailing to drive huge traffic and create a buzz around your trade show campaign. It is as simple as postcard invites to contact the show attendees. Creating an automated email marketing campaign will also help you to the greater extent.


Schedule Meetings

Trade shows provide you with an ideal platform to meet your current prospects, media members, and vendors. Grab the opportunity to schedule meetings with the followings.


  • Existing clients
  • Pre-qualified prospects
  • Magazine editors and reporters
  • Current and potential vendors
  • Current and potential partners


Pack Trade Show Supplies

If you are looking to exhibit make sure you pack all your essential trade show supplies to tackle any mishap on the floor. Your checklist should have the following supply kit:


  • Pens (multiple, different colors)
  • Scotch tape
  • Masking tape
  • Post-it notes
  • Rubber bands
  • Stapler
  • Paper clips
  • All-in-one tool
  • First-aid
  • Business cards


Bring Comfortable Shoes

In trade shows, you have to stand for long periods of time. Hence, comfortable shoes, sneakers, clogs and, flats will be an ideal option. If you are looking for a more formal look then you can use insoles to make it more comfortable.


During Trade Show Checklist


Ask Questions

Always be unique in your approach to make yourself stand out in the trade shows. Generally, competitors use the sales pitch to engage their clients, be different and ask questions to spark conversation. These conversations might lead to the selling of the products.


Be Alert and Active

Your body language should be sound when you are standing at your trade show booth. So, ask your booth staff to stand upright, walk around your exhibit to present positive body language.


Engage the Aisles

In order to make your booth standout, you have to work on all parameters like engaging the aisles as well. During the traffic, deploy somebody inside the trade show booth as well as outside the booth to spark conversation in the aisle seeking attention for your trade show booth. Adding this parameter to your checklist will help you to increase the amount of prospect on the floor.


Be Ready to Demonstrate Your Products or Services

A live demonstration is something people rely a lot on. Hence, always conduct a live product demonstration to showcase your product capabilities. Make your demonstration using larger monitors instead of laptops to reach to the masses. Also, ask prospects to try your product for themselves, it will increase your sales.


Take Notes

Make a note of each and every client you are engaged with as it will help you cater the common concern or question brought up while talking with your prospects. These notes will give you a clear insight into what exactly the customer is looking for. Also, ensure that checklist has room for reviewing your notes after the trade show is over.


Use Social Media

With the thriving resource of social media, you can stay connects with the goings-on and an invaluable networking at your trade show. Through social media platform, you can post updates about your exhibit to enhance your reach. You should lengthen your friend requests list with prospects to expand your professional network.


Take Names Instead of Pushing Brochures

Attendees at the trade show will be loaded with a lot of brochures, business cards, and giveaway items. So always ask for a business card, then mail them something after the show. It will help you to stand out amongst your attendees.


Post-Show Trade Show Checklist


Follow up

The attendees participating in the show are flooded with myriads of product demonstrations, presentations, and sales pitches. If you want to be in the remember list of your visitors, you need to follow up. While following them, send the extension of free trials, product samples, special offer and other incentives to spark further action.


Apply what you learned about your company

Trade shows not only gives insights about your company, they also offer you the opportunities to learn what the world thinks about you. Evaluate the performance of your trade show and refer to your notes to bring the required changes for further improvement.


Questions to take a glance:


  • What were the people feedbacks about your competition? What were your replies?
  • Which questions raise attention amongst the people, and which conversations did prospect relate the most?
  • What are measures you can include in a marketing program to address talking points and prospect concerns?


Apply what you learned about your products or services

Showcasing your products on the trade show floor helps you in getting clear insights about the buyer perspective regarding your products. After allowing the attendees to try the product for themselves, you learned invaluable lessons. Now it is time to apply them for the further improvement and also make modification in the checklist before your next event.


Questions to take a glance:


  • What features and benefits attendees were looking at the products but were not obvious to users?
  • Which product terminology confused the attendees? Is there any option to make it clearer?
  • What features and benefits were missing from your product?
  • What part of your demonstration dragged the customer to your booth?


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