Trade Show Booth Design Mistakes


One must learn from mistakes such that they are not repeated twice. Particularly attention should be paid in the trade shows that you do not make mistakes that can lead you to lose your potential customers. At trade shows you do not get an opportunity to sort what has been done. Once you make a mistake, you have to bear the consequences of the same. What you can recover is that you do not make the same mistake on another trade show. Your custom trade show booth design will be helpful to you if you play your cards well and you have done your home-work for the upcoming trade show. 

Let us discuss trade show booth design mistakes to avoid while exhibiting in Europe.


Last minute planning

Trade show is an important event. There is a lot that needs your careful consideration. From trade show booth design in Europe to appointing the trained staff at your booth, everything requires proper planning. If you will not invest in the time for your trade show event, chances are less that you will get sufficient return of investment that you can call your trade show event a success. Do not consider that the last minute planning would be suffice. In other words, do not make the mistake of considering that your trade show event can be completely successful if you do a last minute planning on it. A lot of things need detailing and time investment, so plan ahead. 


Once you have figured out the trade show that would be participating in, start planning the other details. Even before participating you need to make your goals and objectives clear to figure out which trade show event will be best suitable for you to give you an increased ROI. Proper planning leads to proper results. After planning for the event the next step is to plan for the trade show booth design that you will need. You need to give enough time margin to your exhibition stand builder that it is possible to make some changes to optimize your overall design if required.



Mismanagement of space

Many times, it is observed that the staffers take a safe corner at the booth to converse with each other. Trade show booth is a place where generally a visitor will not pass by twice. If they see you taking a corner space at the booth and having a private meeting, they might end up losing interest to come and have an interaction with you out of a feeling that they might be intruding in the important meeting being held.


Train your staff members that trade show is a place where the staff members have to be alert and available for the attendees. They can have their private talk sessions after the trade show. If something really important needs to be addressed they can step out of the booth to discuss for a short while without disturbing the aura of your trade show booth. Let your trade show booth design give vibes of being truly professional. 


Extremely strong pitch

Emphasizing your word without considering what your visitor is asking for is what must be strictly avoided. It happens sometimes that you have really worked hard on the content that you would be addressing at the trade show. And you are doing really well while hosting a presentation. But sometimes your visitors are looking for some other factors or answers. Take time to listen to what your visitors have to say before you pour out all your gathered information on them. Do not present a strong pitch while ignoring what visitors are looking for. 


Avoiding answers

Not always will you have the answers of everything that you are asked. Though you have worked hard on the content and what could be asked to you by the visitors, sometimes it may happen that you are asked something that you may not be aware of. You should not panic at such situations. Just excuse yourself and tell them to wait while you will ask your senior and solve your query. Exhibitors always ensure that you have some staff member that is well experienced and knows the business well to be able to answer the queries of the attendees.


Even if you fall short of the data to answer the query correctly, do not find places in your trade show booth design to avoid facing them. Just go to them and note down their contact details and assure them that you shall be figuring out and emailing the answer to their question. This makes you sound dependable and projects reliability. 


Insufficient booth staffing

It is important to understand that your booth must be manned at all times. Insufficient booth staffing can take you down the spiral road in terms of success of your event. Lot of people enter the booth at the same time, so there must be enough staff to attend several attendees at the same time.


Strictly avoid cluttering at your trade show booth. While it is important to have sufficient logistics at your booth, it is unadvisable to stuff it so much that there is no breathing space left for the visitors. Allow your trade show booth enough breathing space that the visitors can walk through freely without feeling uncomfortable and blocked. There are a lot of good trade show booth designs available that can help you sort your logistics in a very efficient manner properly utilizing the space while leaving enough space to walk around. 



Bad Lighting arrangement

Everyone wants to be at a place that is properly lit and has bright colors to uplift their mood. Nowadays a lot of variety in the trade show booth designs are available that uses great lighting arrangement to mesmerize the audience. You can even take help of technology and use virtual walls or interactive floors to enhance the look and feel of your trade show booth. 


Low quality trade show booth

Having said so much about the trade show booth it is evident that you must choose a good exhibition stand builder for your show that can provide you a booth design which can grab attention of the masses. Trade show booth can help you increase your ROI to a good deal, so invest wisely on your trade show booth design.


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