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Standing out at an exhibition isn’t easy as it seems. It requires proper planning and hard work. When rightly done, it’s a brilliant marketing opportunity to network with your clients. Plan well ahead of the show and have fun. Be interactive in your approach, you will never know who is going to be your future prospect.


A good exhibition stand supplier can make or break the show. With their tips and tricks, you can create an innovative exhibition stand for the events.


Create a Timeline

While creating a timeline, start with those elements that are non-negotiable like the venue, guest. It might be a possibility that the venue won’t be available on specific dates. In the same way, your guest or the keynote speaker might have a prior commitment. Once these elements are determined, start working on all the other factors to make the planning process more effective. Always build extra time for an unseen circumstance that could happen during the event.


Be Physically Prepared

The exhibition can be draining, if you are not physically prepared. Be mentally prepared and try to strike conversation with your prospect, then you might not have any trouble on the exhibition floor. Before the final day of the event, ensure you get the good night rest. All these initiatives will help you in having a clear frame of mind for the opening day of the event.


Compelling exhibition stand

A frequent exhibitor knows the importance of a good exhibition stand. An exhibition stand act as the face of your brand. An expertly designed stand will not only be compelling but also highlight your key marketing message and attracts your prospect. To do so take the service of a professional exhibition stand contractor.


Introduce Freebies in your stand

Hosting giveaways in your exhibition stand is one best way to draw people into your stand. However, there are few things to remember while handling designing freebies for your exhibition appearance. Whatever item you give it your attendees, your branding should be there. There are lot of items that you can present it to your people like phone grip or the sanitizer with your brand name embedded on it.


Include seats or lounge space at your booth

Attendees look for the seats or lounge space on the exhibition floor where they can rest their legs. Hence, including seats or lounge space in your stand will bring more traffic to your booth and keep potential clients around for a longer period of time. In the meanwhile when they are resting, you can tell them about your products and services.


Triumfo International GmbH is the leading exhibition design company, offering complete stand construction services for the events. We create custom, modular, double decker and country pavilion exhibition stand. We are based in Berlin with all the modern machinery and latest graphics printing facilities. We have vast experience in the exhibition industry. Call us for your next exhibition project.



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