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Is your business on the right track? The answer could be yes or no. In either cases, the next step is to strengthen the brand visibility and equity. How do you do it? One of the effective and time-tested method is to book a berth at one of the famous event and exhibition center. Triumfo International offers a delightful service of stand design and booth construction in Hannover.


First question to ask yourself is what you are trying to achieve in the event, exhibition or trade shows. The answer could be brand introduction, awareness or reinforcement. Established brand might be looking for new product promotion or repositioning itself in the market. Depending upon your brand & product segmentation, targeting and positioning, strategy for stand design 7 booth construction will be different. It is imperative you do the basic homework on above mentioned points before finalizing on a stand design or booth construction.


Triumfo can provide an insightful consultation on design and theme based on your target customer in Hannover.

We are best exhibition stand builder company in Hannover. The options are listed below:


  1. Custom Stand Design: If you have decided on a customized stand design, you are in the right place. We offer top notch stand design for our customers which increases brand awareness and strengthen brand equity. Size and industry never pose a challenge to us. We conceive, design, build, deliver and dismantle for customers cutting across industries.


  1. Modular booth construction: This is ideal for companies engaged in trade shows, event and exhibition throughout the calendar year. Our modular booth are highly flexible. You don’t need to change the booth for separate product and separate event. The necessary change like graphics interchangeability, reconfiguration, adapting to different floor plan are quick and easy. 


Some other benefits of modular booth includes variety, portability and a compact storage unit. The compact storage unit saves a lot of useful cost.


  1. Double Decker Stand design: Planning to stand out among the competitors. Triumfo as a stand builders, double decker stand design offers a unique solution. With the same surface area, you can double your working area. Ground floor can be for product display while the upper floor can be dedicated for networking and meetings with the prospective customer. Design, visual appeal and extra space are some of the USP of Double Decker stand. 


  1. Expo Pavilion Stand design: Want to leave a lasting impression on your visitor and potential customer. Triumfo Expo pavilion stand is a great way to highlight country culture, background and USP. We offer this service consisting of informal hospitality space, catering & private meeting rooms.


The booth construction has a dedicated exhibitor brochure consisting of profile, logo and contact details which can be used for distributing to potential customers. There are multiple design depending upon message that you want to convey for your country or for that matter your Company.


  1. Portable Exhibition Booth: Capturing the mood of the visitor and customer is essential for any company. It becomes even more challenging if you are time bound. Triumfo has the answer for your problem. We delivers portable exhibition booth that is best in the industry. The banner stands with mountable screen for capturing visitor attention and fabric displays. The booth are ideal for marketing spaces like exhibitions, events, trade shows, brand awareness & conferences.


We provide options to conceive a new design or add on to your developed design. Whatever the options, you can only expect best result from our services.



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