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Exhibitions in Europe offer powerful platforms to expand your export market share and make connections with industry experts around the world. Statistics reveal that Europe hosts more than 90% of the world's major exhibitions, which means hosting 11,000+ trade shows annually.

In Europe, Germany hosts the maximum number of events, followed by France, Spain, and the Netherlands organizing numerous exhibitions each year. Exhibitors from around the world participate in these events to promote their brand in lucrative markets of the country.

If you are a first-time exhibitor, then you need to be prepared for its events to get the expected returns on investment. To assist you in managing your preparations, we have suggested essential tips below that will help in making your event successful.


We have suggested 3 tips that will help exhibitors successfully prepare for exhibitions in Europe, ensuring a productive and impactful exhibition experience.

Set clear goals and plan your budget:         

Begin by asking yourself why you want to exhibit at the show. Whether you want to do brand awareness networking or launch new products, setting clear objectives is important.

These goals will help you to make a strategic approach to participation. Additionally, this will help you to allocate your budget for every activity like booth design, marketing materials, etc, shaping your entire exhibition planning process.                         

Spend time in researching:

One of the most important things you need to do is to find the right trade show for your business. Check out if exhibiting at the event would be helpful for your business and if will you be able to connect with your ideal audience.

You can look into the demographics of attendees, such as their industry and job roles. Also, check the track record of the show and whether it will help you to get the best ROI and achieve business goals. Once you are done with research, it's time to secure your exhibition stand’s space at the event. Booking early is a smart move to secure prime spots.

Booking the right exhibition stand Builder:

Hiring the right trade show contractor can be a daunting task, but a professional exhibition stand builder like Triumfo International GmbH on your side ensures a smooth exhibition experience. To find your ideal booth builder, consider a few factors like:

  • Firstly, check the company's experience in booth building.
  • Secondly, check out what their clients say about them.
  • Lastly, choose a booth builder that offers turnkey booth services, simplifying your exhibition journey.


We have suggested 3 tips that will help exhibitors make the most of their presence at trade shows in Europe:

Focus on engaging the audience:

Once attendees start visiting your stand, it's time to showcase your products or services through live demonstrations. Encourage your booth staff to have conversations with the audience and know their interests.

Tell about your special offers, heavy discounts, and unique features of your products to them. Offer freebies to attract foot traffic to your stand. Make eye contact with visitors and ask for their valuable feedback. It might look like a small thing but doing such little things could bring a big difference.

Effective Marketing Strategies:

Promotion is the key when it comes to attracting an audience. Use social media to generate excitement and invite visitors to your booth. You can also do live streaming to tell the audience about the latest updates about your brand.

Use proper hashtags, and ask visitors to post pictures in front of your booth. This will create a buzz about your products hence increasing the foot traffic at the stand.

Networking and Partnerships:

Do not just connect with existing clients but also actively network with other exhibitors, and industry professionals. Establishing connections can lead to collaborative opportunities. Host a side event near the booth, as this will attract people and provide additional exposure to the brand.

After the exhibition:

We have suggested 3 post-show tips that will help exhibitors get the most out of their trade show participation:

Analyse and follow-ups:

Once the show is over, spend time evaluating the extent to which your goals were achieved. Also, look at the areas of improvement for the next event. Collect feedback from your booth staff and attendees.

Ask them about what worked well, and what are the areas where improvements can be made. Also, analyze your competitors' performance and strategies. Identify strengths and weaknesses to refine your strategy for the next event.

Focus on lead conversion:

Reach out to the leads who have shown interest in your products.  Categorize your leads based on their level of interest and potential. Send a personalized and meaningful mail to them to maintain their interest. Tell them, why your brand could be a valuable resource for them.

Plan for Future Shows:

Allocate a portion of your post-show budget for upcoming exhibitions. Consider what changes or improvements can be made. Implement the lessons learned into your strategies for future shows.

Final words:

We hope implementing the suggestive tips will help in making the most out of the exhibition. Use these tips to do great at upcoming European exhibitions. Exhibitions, when exhibited in a planned way could help business a lot. Your success at trade shows is real and shows how you are getting better at achieving your business goals and connecting in the world of exhibitions.


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