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While exhibiting in an exhibition one needs to think about how to proceed with the exhibition stand design. What needs to be done to get a design that helps in fulfilling the needs of your company’s exhibiting goals.

Now let’s peek into some of the steps that can be followed when it comes to managing your trade show stand design just before the show.

  • Discussion regarding your booth requirements in detail

The first and the foremost step will be to discuss in detail your needs and exactly your business goals once you are planning to exhibit in an exhibition. Then you need to get in touch with a stand builder that can act as a guide for you as a design partner and will advise type of booth options. The best suit your requirements, what will be best within your budget and within the time. Based on the discussion, your trade show booth builder will provide you with a few sketches. A 3D design that fits perfectly well with your requirements.

  • 3D rendering and Exhibit Concept

Some of the custom exhibition stand builders will provide you with a 3D rendered design by mentioning all the details. Some of them will provide you with simple drawings with lighter renders to give you an idea about what are your options. Then after discussions will move forward and based on your feedback. They will be sharing with you the revised option for the design.

It is one of the most crucial parts to discuss your exhibit options internally. It will take time, also it helps to visualize how your booth will look in reality.

  • Project Proposal

Once your internal team has discussed the design and after discussing with your exhibition stand fabricators. After making changes the final draft of the design will be ready, once you are satisfied with your final design then your project manager will be sharing it with you. The costs related and all the terms and conditions, now you can internally discuss with your management and can take your decision.

  • Booth Construction and Ready for the show

Once you are satisfied with the final layout with all the terms and conditions and the proposal is signed. The building process will start your project manager will be there with you and will inform you about the step that is going on during the process. They will be checking the deadlines and will keep you updated about it. Your stand-building company will keep you in the loop with the communications that are going back and forth. You can also visit on-site to check your booth and to see if everything is as per your requirements or not. Apart from this, if you have booked any other show services. A service manager will be available for your on-site to check if everything is set up in the way you wanted it to be.


These are a few things you need to follow while managing your trade show booth design, which will help you in all the exhibitions.


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