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Modular Exhibition Stands Design


The exhibition industry is growing rapidly year by year. Each consecutive year, thousands of exhibitions are organised in other parts of the world. Exhibition promotes business and increase their business visibility. In such a scenario, exhibitors look for the most economical solutions. Modular exhibition stands are one of the most economical and fruitful options. Modular exhibition stands are flexible and eco-friendly trade show booth.


Here are few of the benefits of modular exhibition stands

Lightweight trade show booth

Modular exhibition stands are manufactured using lightweight material, which can be installed on the exhibition floor without any hassle.

Sturdy & Flexibility modular booth

Modular trade show booth are light weighted and robust in construction. The best part is that it can be configured for many different layouts and sizes. As an exhibitor or a user, you can use the same booth to display in different sizes and look. The user can also depend on these stands for years to come.

Reusable exhibition stand

The advantage of the modular exhibition stand is that it can be reused for a multiple number of times. Any damaged part can be individually replaced without any hassle or compromising the integrity of the stand. By simply changing a few graphics or slightly altering the design it can reflect any change you wish for the show.

Ease of installation stand

A modular exhibition stand can be installed and dismantled easily. The entire setup requires very less time frame as compared to the other exhibition stand on the floor. As far as the graphic panel and lightning are concerned, it can also be just clipped on. It will significantly give a high return on the investment.

Easy to ship and store

As compared to the other stands, modular exhibition booth is very easy to install and dismantle. It offers the bonus of being simple and compact to ship and store. Due to the design and shape, it can be stacked and packed in compact cases. The modular exhibition stand reduces the massive drayage and storage container cost. The display frameworks of the modular exhibition stand can be broken down into small components.

Fits all budgets

Owing to their flexible design, modular trade show booth can be manufactured in many configurations. As an exhibitor or user, you need to figure out what size suits your needs and budgets.

Great looks modular exhibition stand

A modular exhibition stand with great lighting and well-designed graphics panels looks like an expensive booth. You can display a lot of flair without a huge cost involved in it. These are the following concrete reasons why modular exhibition stands are best among the other stands. With rapid changes in the technology, modular exhibition stands are set to improve even more in the future.


Triumfo has been a pioneer in India in manufacturing modular trade show booth. They are the leading trade show booth builder in Germany.


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