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Your business booth is indeed a mirror image of your brand value and prestige. If you are planning to showcase your business then it’s important to find just the right exhibition stand builders first. Ensure they are masters of all trades, which apparently means they have worked for diverse industries and are a renowned exhibition stand design companies of all times.


Talking about marketing, it plays a pivotal part in driving sales to your exhibition stands and displays. If your exhibition stand contractors fail to strategize properly then your brand can suffer big ways. Here are few things your exhibition stand design company should avoid like the plague while planning your business event as mentioned:


  • Not Promoting Creative Booths– Always ensure promoting creative and aesthetic looking booths as they attract much needed response and convert into business leads and sales. So never let your exhibition stand design and build company take your brand for granted.
  • Not Encouraging Giveaways- Encourage freebies and ask your design companies to come up with great supplies of little goodies or little bits for your customers. Print your brand name and get a great supply handy.
  • Complex Looking Display- It’s simple; just keep it creative, bold and sleek. Avoid over-complicated messages, heading or banners but instead be clear and focused on your brand.
  • Not Active on Social Platforms- If you aren’t active online you are seemingly heading in dark. As a business entity ensure you are posting whereabouts of your booth before and after your event. Post pictures, videos and stories to encourage user interest and let them make informed choices.


Ensure your exhibition stand design and build company works on right track before it leads to a wrong way!


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