double decker exhibition stand design


The trade show floors are crowded with a multitude of exhibition stands. You need something special to standout on the floor. Double deck exhibition stand design can be seen from any point within the trade show and it actually appeals attendees. When you’re paying for your trade show space, why not maximize it by building upward to gain more attraction? These trade shows are extremely durable, come in an array of styles and are versatile.


Double deck exhibits offer many distinct advantages. Here are some of the key benefits of double decker trade show booth.


Easier to Spot on the floor

Double Decker trade show booths are easier to spot on the floor. It allows exhibitors to expand usable space upward. Double Decker adds prominence and visibility from across the show floor, helping you to drive traffic into your booth. Double Deck is the one that attendees notice first on the floor. Attendees flock to double decker trade show booth as it standouts on the floor.


Maximise the opportunity of branding and product displays

A double decker exhibition stand on the floor maximises the opportunity of branding, product displays and interactivity which you can utilise the fullest in the same amount of space. You can have separate areas for the private meeting rooms, social gatherings, product demos, interactive experiences and more. A multilevel booth on its own makes you stand above the competition.



No matter which industry you belong to, with a double deck you can enhance your brand value. It portrays your company as a stable, knowledgeable, industry leader in the exhibition industry. The image plays a vital role in business, it not only retains your customers but often boosts sales and profits on the floor. Attendees after seeing your stand will think that you must be one of the big shot.


Creative freedom in terms of graphic and visuals

With two levels trade booth, you can plan and attempt the design options that were not feasible or practical in a single level booth. You can add captivating graphics and a multitude of things into your space without sacrificing other exhibit elements. You can try special aesthetic features such as unique lighting, sound options and high-resolution graphics. It will round out the visual aesthetic of your trade show booth.


All these concrete examples are enough to proof that the double decker stand add value to your business. Showcasing along hundreds of exhibitors is not an easy task, you need to pull all the opportunities to make a booth standout on the floor. You cannot do this without hiring the services of a competent exhibition stand builder. Triumfo International GmbH is one of the leading exhibition design company offering a wide range of custom, modular, double decker exhibition stand for the shows.


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