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Choosing the right exhibition stand design for your business can do miracles during an exhibition. It would attract more customers, more leads will be generated, hence, an increase in ROI. Exhibition Stands Design is a bigger story, whereas, Standard booth size is an important part of the story.


When it comes to selecting the right exhibition stand design in Europe, bigger is not always better. From an exhibitor’s point of view, choosing the right size of an exhibition stand design for your business is a careful balance of exhibitor costs to visual impact. All these factors determine your ROI.


“Should I choose a small, low-priced booth that would help me generate maximum ROI?” “Or should I select a large, spacious booth that offers adequate room for attendees to relax and lounge in?” These questions revolve around the mind of every exhibitor.


Below, we’ve tried to answer all your questions that are ringing in your mind, regarding the standard booth size, or booth builder in Europe. We’ve compiled the most commonly available booths and layouts to the ways that your stand size can affect your results.


Exhibition stand designs come in a range of different dimensions. Mostly trade show booth designs are built around the dimension of a 10X10 booth size. This booth size is commonly known as the Linear Inline Booth.


10X10 can be considered the standard booth size, as they are designed to fit in line with other exhibition stands on the exhibition floor. 10X10 stands open to the front and provides one dimension of open space for attendees to interact with your team and enter your booth.


Apart from 10X10 exhibition stand designs, the 10X10 series comes in other sizes as well. Some other common dimensions include 10X20 and 10X30 booths.


Exhibition stand designs are also available as Peninsula Booths/ Displays and Island Booths/Display.


Peninsula Booths are designed in a way to stick out from other booths. They are open on three sides and offer better visibility and are more accessible than an inline booth. The Island booth design is similar to an island. It can be accessed from all four sides. Dimensions of an Island Display and Peninsula Display would be 20X20.


All three exhibition stand design layouts come with different positives and negatives:


  1. Inline Booth: They are smaller and a cheaper option. If you are exhibiting for the first time and looking for a modest option, then Inline Display would be the best. However, the biggest problem with Inline Booth Design is that since they are small they aren’t visible as compared to island or peninsular display
  2. Peninsula Booth: They are a good option as they offer a good mix of visibility and accessibility. They have access to an Island Booth and the moderate cost of an Inline Booth. Peninsula Displays are open from three sides and are spacious. These type of booths are usually situated at the end of a column of other display and attracts a lot of attention.
  3. Island Booth: These booth displays attract a lot of people. They can be accessed from all four sides, hence, helping you maximize your booth’s footfall. Apart from these positives, there is one negative that is they are quite expensive, from the perspective of exhibitor fees and logistical costs.


The question remains unanswered, which is the standard booth size that you can select? In general terms, if you are a small business and have a modest budget, then you should go for Inline Booth.


If you are focusing on attracting more attention then, a peninsula booth would be the best choice. And if you want to maximize your impact, then invest in a larger, eye-catching Island Booth.


There is a general rule that determines how big should be your custom exhibition stand design be. It depends on the size of your team. More team members require more floor space. A small booth with a big team can feel overcrowded. Visitors instinctively avoid crowded areas. So, if your team is big then you should go for an exhibition stand design that offers more floor space.


From diverse exhibition stand designs to several exhibition-related services, Triumfo offers a variety of services that are necessary during a trade show. Triumfo is a booth builder in Europe that would help your country make the most from trade show marketing.


Triumfo has helped an assortment of brands and companies to generate tremendous exhibition results.

For more information, feel free to write to us or contact us.

How big should your trade show exhibit be?


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