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An exhibition or a trade show is the perfect medium to network and introduce your business to a wider market in the field. The main element while participating in an exhibition or trade show is your exhibition stand. It not only represents your business or brand at the event but also plays an important role in how a visitor perceives your brand, products, and services. If designed and built correctly, your exhibition stand can also stimulate the visitor’s mind to leave an unforgettable impression of your brand.


Hence it is very important that you select an exhibition stand builder who fully comprehends your goal, your business, and the influence of your exhibition stand on your company. For this exposure process and dynamic coordination, you need to search for the best exhibition stand contractors in order to produce a good result from the trade shows.


If you are clueless about how to find the right exhibition stand builder for your show, we are providing a few points that will help you hire the exhibition stand which would be right for you and your business.

Experienced Exhibition Stand Contractors

This is the key point that all exhibitors must keep in mind while looking for their exhibiting partner. The biggest advantage of hiring an experienced and professional exhibition stand contractor is that they’ve had rich expertise in their profession. They are aware of all the ideas and specifications that would work for your business.


An experienced exhibition stand builder would know about each and every element including whether or not your selected design would work for your business or how and when to use lighting, which graphics would work for your exhibition stand, and various other considerations. An efficient exhibition stand contractor would deliver your stand to you after explaining all the show specifications.

Choose a Full-Service Supplier

At times, exhibition booth designer outsource elements of the design and build of exhibition stands. This not only adds extra costs but also takes away control of the process as you would be totally unaware of the people hired for designing and building your exhibition stand. You would have no idea about how good or reliable they will be or are they up-to-the job.


It is crucial that you know exactly who is accountable for each area of your exhibition stand. This is why it is advisable to hire a company that doesn’t outsource any exhibition services and provided turnkey exhibition services. Ensure that your hired exhibition stand builder has proper teams to carry out processes.


Like CAD and graphic designing, graphics production, stand building, project management, transportation, and installations. If they don’t provide a yes for end-to-end exhibiting services then it means they are not in full control of your exhibition stand project.

Geographic Position

The Geographic position plays a very important role whenever it comes to finding the best exhibition stand design company for your upcoming exhibition or trade show. If you don’t hire an exhibition stand contractor which is not near to the venue of your event then the cost will increase somehow and your budget will undoubtedly be affected.

 Technical Support 24/7

Challenges are likely to arise regardless of how experienced and knowledgeable your hired exhibition stand contractor is. Therefore, your exhibition stand contractor should provide continuous 24/7 technical support.


Your exhibition booth designer must assure that whatever issue might happen during the trade show, it would be handled with full discretion and without any hesitation. A team of technicians would be present with the exhibition stand on the trade show floor to tackle any emergency with your stand.

Look for Client Testimonials

Any good stand maker would provide you with genuine testimonials from their previous clients who are happy to endorse them. Before hiring any exhibition booth developer you must read reviews from past customers to judge the quality of their exhibition stands along with the level of service they can offer.


If you are researching the exhibition stand contractor online then not only look at the reviews on their website, but also those on the internet. Check websites that offer an open platform where customers can submit their reviews without their words being edited or prohibited. This is a way for you to be confident if it is a reliable source of customer feedback.

Warehouse or Standard storage space for your stands

Choose an exhibition stand contractor that will not only supply the exhibition stand with a decent production space but also provide a robust facility to store your stand after renting the exhibition space. Also, the company must provide a significant level of flexibility over the whole production process of your exhibition stand. It must also provide a greater budget optimization than other rivals in the trade show industry.



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