Exhibition Stand Design Tips


Participating in an exhibition is a great way to market your business to prospective clients, a big investment in terms of both time and money, an ideal way to showcase your company and services. With some planning and the right resources, it can be greatly beneficial in the short and long term for your company.


Exhibitions are the second most effective way of generating leads after your own website, offer up an opportunity to give your target audience a face to face experience and meet and greet your audience directly. Hence, it is vital to make an immediate and lasting impression to catch the attention of attendees – your potential customers with an impeccable range of Exhibition Stand Design. Well, here are some of the exhibition tips and tricks that will help ensure that your event is a success.


Right Event

The first and foremost is to find out the right type of event to display your stand and therefore your business. Do a deep analysis and produce a list of shows from all the sources that match your company’s marketing objectives and strategy, where your audiences are frequent. Then, analyze the list for potential crossover in shows for multi-product/division companies.  Finding the right event will help you to raise the profile of your business and obtain tangible results for your company.


Reserve Your Space

After finding an ideal event for your business, immediately sign up and reserve your space for the upcoming event. You will find fierce competition when it comes to securing spaces at choice venues, so do your research on the best spots to make your booth stand amongst the sea of generic stands on the floor. Ensure one thing that you get in there early to get the ideal spaces.


Booth Designs

After securing your ideal space, it is time to look for the custom exhibition stands that suits your business requirement. Consulting with a professional booth designer will give you a clear idea about the design possibilities in your budget. Investing in booth design is one great way to raise your company profile, draw potential customer to your booth as well as build relationship with the existing customers.


They will also give you advice on other important aspects like booth logistics, including transportation and storage.


Check-out Your Competitors

Prior to the show, make sure that you have a clear idea of who your competitors are. For this, make a detailed list of the competitors and their products and offerings. This will help you to make your evaluation easy. Also, make a list of the trade show marketing ideas that your competitors are not doing. Competitive intelligence is all about collecting information about your competitors.


In addition, show a courtesy, when a show visitor or a member of the media asks a question about your competitor or their product, answers with care. Be an ethical competitor.


Plan Activities

Right set of activities on the stand draw high footfall at your trade show booths. It can really make a huge difference on the floor.  Start planning your event in advance, make sure that you factor in enough time to assemble all of your team and install your exhibition stand. Usually, the booth rental firm offer assistance in setting up and dismantling of the booth. But to make your booth stand out iron out all the details that who is doing what.


Know Your Budget

Budgeting is a very important criterion to keep in mind while chalking out your trade show booth ideas and activities. Ensure how much you are willing to spend on the activities to be held in your trade show. It will give you a clear insight about the number of trade show booth ideas you can consider in your booth.  Budgeting also allows you to cut unforeseen cost and additional expense.


Train your staff

The staff member standing at your booth should have a sound knowledgeable about your business as well as your products or services. You need to train the staff beforehand and increase the knowledge base of your employees to help ensure a positive trade show experience. Don’t put staff training for last. They should possess certain qualities like friendly nature and politeness. Prepare them how they will engage with the staff members and get your audience excited about the activities.


All these concrete tips and tricks will bring fruitful result on the floor.  If you have any such plan to exhibit, Triumfo International GmbH is a world renowned Exhibition Stand Design Company Germany, with over decades of experience working with major international brands and companies. Their strength is encapsulated in the creative energy of its designers, the skill of its carpenters and the experience and dedication of its project managers and installation engineers.


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