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Looks are all that matter! Yes, it won’t be wrong, particularly in the context of your design stand. What attracts the eyes is what is capable of pulling clients to your stand. Hence, you must ensure that your exhibition stand is attention getting. Unless it looks cool and welcoming, no one would bother to come over. If you were a visitor, would you like to spend your time at a shabby and cluttered stall? Of course, not! But the question of the day is “How do I make my exhibition stand attractive enough to pull visitors?”


Here’s the answer. Follow these simple tips and be a winner:

  • Create the right ambiance – yea! This is VERY important. How would you like your business to be portrayed in the exhibition? This is the opportunity to create a lasting image of your business amongst your prospective clients and you can certainly not miss out on it. Can you? Your stall must convey the right message and bring out your objective of being there in the first place. Look & feel is very important. Use signage, posters and products in the most attractive way you can think of.


  • Tell people why you are there – Use your creativity to convey your aim and goal of being there. It is very important. Do some experimentation with posters, signage, stands lighting, screens, sound, et al. However, ensure that it provides a clear and concise synopsis of your business and business goals to visitors.


  • Selection of giveaways – Make sure the gifts you choose for your visitors are attractive to look at, useful and at the same time remind them of your business name and products whenever they see or use it. Giveaways are a very powerful tool to make your name a brand and expand your market.


  • Pay attention to presentation and not just the size – whether large or small, your exhibition stand should look neat, clean, welcoming and great. Sometimes smaller yet attractive stalls receive more visitors than larger but shabby, dull and boring ones. So, size doesn’t matter here.


  • Choose a right stand construction team – this is of immense importance. An experienced, proactive, capable and skilled team like that at Triumfo has designed countless remarkably attractive stalls and exhibition stands for clients throughout India and other parts of the world. Next could be you!


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