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Each consecutive year, thousands of businesses participate in the exhibition. Some exhibitors look for brand visibility, some look to increase their contact and some exhibitor participate in the show to launch their new products. Whatever business objective you have, look for professional exhibition stand builders in Europe that can understand your perspective and takes care of all important factors like graphic designing, staff training, products to showcase, selecting giveaways, attracting an audience, and inviting existing as well as new clients.


Below are the following trade show booth options for your events.

• Custom exhibition stands

Are you looking to design your dream custom exhibition stand? Get in touch with the team at Triumfo and talk to them about your vision and the budget you want to allocate for the show. Then, choose the best design for your brand so that you make a splash at your next event.


We ensure that our ground-breaking designs will fascinate clients and traffic flows. We will take your trade show exhibit plans to another dimension!

• Modular exhibition stands

The modular exhibition stand is a relatively good concept in Europe. For years the European exhibition industry has been promoting the use of modular exhibition booths. These stands are manufactured using premium aluminum and connectors and are made available in various sizes and dimensions. It can be used for several years with minimal maintenance. You can change the graphics of the modular trade show booth to match your brand campaigns and marketing plans.

• Double Decker exhibition stands

There has been a huge demand for additional exhibits and meeting space on the floor. Instead of paying for an extra floor space exhibitors have opted to move up. The feeling of privacy and exclusivity you will be getting in a double-decker exhibition stand is beyond imagination. The ROI will be almost double with this stand. Trade show attendees flock to these stands as it truly stands out and delights attendees.

• Pavilion exhibition stand

A pavilion stand is a series of mini stands representing the culture of a particular country showcased. You can showcase your brand with your fellow exhibitors.


Let Triumfo International GmbH be your full-service exhibition stand builder in Europe. We will take care of the entire show right from rendering to reality. We are based in Berlin with a house manufacturing unit and warehousing facility. We are in the exhibition industry for years and are offering tailor-made solutions to match the growing requirement. We help our business partners to stretch their creative limits and design stunning displays for the exhibition.



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