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Europe is one of the most significant continents in the world due to its economic development. Europe has third-largest economy in the world after the United States and China. Also, third in the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) after China and the United States. Europe is home to various start-ups, technology, and innovation. Meetings and conventions are considered a big activity in Europe.


One of the significant nations in Europe is Germany. It has been the largest economy in Europe since 1980. Messegelande Hannover in Germany is the biggest convention centre in the world. Germany is also home to some of the most important companies in the world.


With several industries set up in the continent, trade shows and exhibitions are a common occurrence. The exhibition stand design industry in Germany has grown impressively over the years. The exhibition booth builder industry in Europe is relevant as the continent hosts several different types of exhibitions throughout the year. These trade shows attract a lot of visitors across the globe.


Exhibiting in Europe may seem easy if you are in contact with the best exhibition booth builder in Europe. Apart from selecting a booth builder in Europe, an exhibition stand is the most important thing about an exhibition.


A perfect exhibition stand will take your exhibiting experience to a whole new level.



Before selecting your ideal exhibition stand, it is vital to understand the power an exhibition stand design holds during the exhibitions in Germany. An exhibition stand is a part of a trade show that displays your products or information about your product. An exhibitor is stressed more about the exhibition stand and exhibition stand design during a trade fair because of the intricacies it holds.


An exhibition stand design reflects the key message of your brand and efficiently communicates the motto of your company. An exhibition stand design is responsible to attract the attention of a maximum number of attendees. It initiates meaningful conversations between a company and its target audience. Selecting an ideal exhibition stand will promote your brand, generate high footfall, and rise your number to the next level.



A lot of imagination and innovative thinking is gone to build an exhibition stand design that is unique and stands out from the crowd. While it is true, that those exhibition stands are different from each other, however, booth builders in Europe don’t have to recast the entire exhibition stand every time.


There are common stencils/models of exhibition stands that exhibition booth builders use as a blank canvas to paint their innovative ideas. These stencils are known as the different types of the exhibition stand.


But why should an exhibitor be aware of the types of exhibition stand? This is because of your budget, type of company, brand messaging, and the products you want to exhibit in the exhibition. Other aspects are the frequency of your show presence, floor space, and location. These factors decide the usage of exhibition stand design, and hence decide the type of exhibition stand that is suitable for you.


  1. Custom Exhibition Stand

Custom Exhibition Stand Design is customized according to your specifications. They are used to complement your brand-building strategizes, plus, there are infinite options available for a custom exhibition stand. Custom exhibition stand designs are costly. Companies who already have huge budgets often choose the custom exhibition stand design. Custom exhibition stand designs can generate maximum return on investment as they are designed as per your imagination. You can pay more for a custom exhibition stand and make a greater impression in the exhibition.


  1. Modular Exhibition Stand

Modular Exhibition Stand Designs come in different shapes and sizes that are suitable for every budget. A modular exhibition stand communicates the brand message and also delivers the expected results. These stands are lightweight and easy to transport. Modular Exhibition Stand design includes display stands, demonstration stands, and numerous other functional and removable pieces. Modular Exhibition Stands can be used during medium or large exhibitions.


  1. Double-Decker Exhibition Stand

Double-Decker Exhibition Stand Design allures the maximum number of attendees. These exhibition stand designs can be used for smaller spaces and can be easily customized with furniture and graphics. Double-Decker Exhibition Stand Designs are pre-equipped with decks, stairs, and bridges. Double-Decker exhibition stand increases your visual identity. These exhibition stands can be used for promotional displays and can create a huge impact during an exhibition.


  1. Country Pavilion Exhibition Stand

Country Pavilion Exhibition Stand Design is used to reflect a country’s culture, religion, and lifestyle. Country Pavilion Stand features a series of mini-exhibition stand designs where you can display your brand. Pavilion Exhibition Stand Design is an ideal stand to promote your brand and products. Country Pavilion Exhibition Stands are expensive. If you are representing your country, then your ideal exhibition stand should be Country Pavilion Exhibition Stand Design.


  1. Portable Exhibition Stand

Portable Exhibition Stand Design adds value to exhibitions, trade shows, and events. Portable Exhibition Stands are the most cost-effective and impressive way to generate maximum footfall. Portable-exhibition stand designs are much more inexpensive as compared to custom exhibition stands. As it is portable, it can be conveniently moved from one place to another.



With so many types of exhibition stand designs, it becomes more challenging to select your exhibition stand design. This is a fact that your ideal exhibition stand design depends on your budget, and varies from business to business.


If you have a small business and searching for an economical option, then you should go for Portable or Modular Exhibition Stand Design. If you are a big company and can afford big financial liabilities, then Custom Exhibition Stand Design should be your ideal choice. Moreover, if you are exhibiting to represent your country, then definitely go for Country Pavilion Exhibition Stand Design.


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